Saving Money

show me the money While I mentioned before how much I’ve spent so far on the pregnancy, I thought I’d mention how much I’m saving as well. Since I’m not able to take my maintenance medication, I’m saving approximately $40 a month. Additionally, instead of buying pregnancy books, I’ve borrowed them from the library. Three books in all so far, so I’ll estimate savings of $40 there as well. By the way, borrowing books you’re unfamiliar with from the library is a great way of finding out if you want to make the investment of actually buying the book. Out of the three I borrowed, only one was worth reading … and it’s the classic “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” As horribly outdated as the cover is, it’s actually filled with comprehensive information about your entire pregnancy and postpartum period. I think I’ll look for a used copy on Amazon or eBay to buy.

Baby’s Moma

Cara This is a picture of me that Radiant’s art director, Anna Melcon, took today for my editor’s column. I figured there was a picture of everyone but me on here! Hopefully I’ll still recognize myself in seven months! Pretty soon it’ll be time to start the profile shots to see how the baby is growing.

The First Ultrasound

ultrasound #1 I went to the doctor the week I found out I was pregnant to confirm the pregnancy. My doctor, Dr. Bowles, sent me to have some bloodwork done to ensure the pregnancy units were doubling every couple of days. This would indicate it was a successful pregnancy so far. He loaded me up with paperwork and information. Jeff and I went for the first official visit a week ago (at 7 weeks), when they did this ultrasound pictured. The baby just looked like a little blob on the screen, but the coolest thing about it was the baby’s heart was a blinking light on the screen. We could actually make it out. Then they turned on the sound and we were able to hear the heartbeat. It made everything more real to us.

Our Other Baby

Macey It would be remiss not to mention our first pride & joy, our dog Macey. We brought Macey home from a rescue agency in March of our first married year. She was 10 weeks old and would just melted in Jeff’s arms when he picked her up. We thought she was “special needs” because she was missing her back left paw from an unknown accident, but Macey can run and jump as fast as the other dogs. She has been such a sweet and fun dog to have and we have a feeling she is going to be a great pack sister to the new baby.

The Big News

I’m going to be a dad? This was Jeff the night I told him he was going to be a papa. I was in just as much shock as he was. I had taken a picture of the pregnancy test and downloaded it on the computer. When he came home, I told him to go take a look at some new photos I got off the camera. When he jiggled the mouse, “pregnant” came up on the full screen. He did a “Home Alone” take. 🙂

Kidney Beans

Kidney Bean I’m eight weeks along and the guides tell me the baby will reach the size of a kidney bean this week. The baby weighs a gram and is still less than an inch. He/she’s already moving, although I won’t be able to feel it for several more weeks. The “gender parts” haven’t fully formed yet, so there’s no way to visually determine what we’re having yet.