I woke up practically hyperventilating after having a nightmare about Ellenor early this morning. A minute later she came down the stairs and knocked on the door and said with her sweet voice she had a nightmare, too. . I went upstairs with her & stayed until she fell asleep, and I began to think about all the times I called out to my mom in the middle of the night after having a nightmare as a kid. She came to check on me every. single. time. (Don’t tell tell them I made mom come to me vs me going to her.) ?? . Seasons are shifting and my attention is not only on my kids, but on my mom as well. . In counseling one day I referred to mom as “the dutiful daughter,” and she said, is that who are, too? . I cried. . It is. . The circle of care keeps going–and for a time, will be extended in both directions. . But it’s not just my duty, it’s my privilege.

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