By: Madilyn Davis : )



As the Davis family knows, Summer is coming up really soon! What does that mean? A Summer to-do list of course! I am going to ask the Davis family what we should do. First I will tell you about my family.

Jeff Davis: The vice principal of Isaac Litton Middle School. Most awesome man in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cara Davis: Mother of two (me and my sister are a HANDFULL!!!) Works for Kyle Chowning. Most awesome woman in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ellenor Davis: A sweet little four-year-old with a love for kittens. My only sibling. Most awesome kid in the WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Madilyn Davis: an eight-year-old with a love for reading. Takes karate and voice lessons. Wants to be PRESIDENT!!!!!!

Here is what they want to do.

Cara: “Sleep in and read.”

Jeff: “Fishing, hiking, car trips, beach, bike rides and camp fires.”

Ellenor: “ Go fruit picking and explore the jungle!”

Madilyn: “ Celebrate my BIRTHDAY!!!!! Car trips, beach, bike rides and play outside.


After a long time of thinking, I thought of a to-do list.


  1. Car trips
  2. Beach
  3. Celebrate my birthday
  4. Bike rides
  5. Read
  6. Fishing
  7. Sleep in
  8. Hiking
  9. Camp fires
  10. Camping
  11. Bake sales
  12. Yard sales
  13. Lemonade stands
  14. Shopping
  15. Go to bed at 8:00 pm!
  16. Movie nights
  17. Family game nights
  18. Bowling
  19. Play the Wii
  20. PUT ON SUNSCREEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  21. Watch T.V.
  22. Watch all the Star Wars movies



I hope this list is useful! Have a AWESOME Summer!

– Madilyn Davis