UPDATE – Spread Some Love – Buy a $5 Polo

UPDATE: Thanks to all who have donated to provide some needs for students at Jeff’s school. Here’s an update after just two days:

We’ve received $274.72 in donations or pledges to be mailed. We’ve spent:

  • ($181.73) 40 shirts
  • ($56.68) 4 jackets

We’ve got $36.31 left to buy some toiletries with … or more jackets. We’ll see how we can best stretch that money.

There’s still time! If you’d like to donate, please do so by Wednesday so we can get the items to the students before Christmas break. Thanks so much! God bless each of you for having giving hearts.

Jeff works at a high needs school just outside downtown Nashville. While East Nashville has certainly diversified its socio-economic demographic over the past 15 years or so, there are still many people in need in the area.

Jeff encounters them every day.

Did you know there are kids who on days they’re expelled from school, will sneak back on campus during lunch so they can eat that day?

They. Sneak. Back. On. Campus. Because. They. Have. No. Food.

How do you look a kid in the eyes and punish him for that?

There are several homeless kids and students in serious need that social workers have identified to the staff at the school. Teachers and admin are “adopting” these students for Christmas. When they were asked what would be on their wish list, many if not most say, “Maybe a shirt or a pair of shoes?”

Jeff & the teachers he oversees at the school’s Freshman Academy are “adopting” a freshman girl. You know what she asked for? Underwear. We’re giving her that, outfitting her in new school clothes, giving her a perfume set and some gift cards.

But I want to do more. And I want to invite you to do it with me.

At Nashville public schools, there is a dress code where students must wear a solid color shirt with a collar … like a polo shirt. At Stratford specifically they must wear a white or black collared shirt. At a school with a majority of kids who qualify for free and reduced lunch, a new shirt is a luxury. Some kids might only have one or two they will wear all year.

So … bargain hunter that I am, I found these discontinued shirts from Men’s Warehouse for less than $5 each. I bought up 34 of them, spending $153.34.

Will you help us cover the cost? $5 buys one shirt for one student. Here are the breakdown in sizes I bought.

  • Small: 2
  • Medium: 14
  • Large: 12
  • XL: 6

Use this PayPal link, or send us a check … however you want to do it. I’m looking for 30 people to send $5/ea. After that, I’ll continue to buy them until they’re all gone, and after that, I’ll look for another good deal until there are no more good deals to be had.

If you aren’t involved in giving back this holiday season yet and are looking for an opportunity, consider giving a shirt to a student where Jeff is working to make a difference in lives every day.

Merry Christmas!

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