Black Friday on Thursday

After a fantastic Thanksgiving dinner at my Aunt Cindy’s house we headed across the street to Walmart to shop for her 3 grand babies & my two little ones.

The store was open but the deals were shrinkwrapped on pallets in the middle of the aisles. You stand by which deal you want and wait until a store worker gives the signal to tear through the plastic at the designated time slot (which was 8 or 10pm). It was so funny to hear the pallets being ripped into… It was like a plastic wave.

There were so many people we inched along the aisles so slowly. It was like a slow motion puzzle to get from point a to b.

We arrived about 7:30 & left about 11pm. We made one trip to the car (no parking spaces left when we got there so we just parked at the end of an aisle) & went back to stand in line for a TV for Aunt Cindy.

I took some photos from the night to show what a crazy crowd was there. I had planned on buying one or two things but ended up with a cart full, including a countertop oven & Shark steam mop for me!

People were cheery for the most part but some were Scrooges. We had a blast & look forward to doing it again (it’s much better than getting up early on Friday!)










Christmas in November

Since we’ll be going to Florida for Christmas, Nana wanted Madilyn & Ellenor to open their presents over Thanksgiving break when we came for a visit. Two words: spoiled rotten. Beyond repair.

On our way to Nana’s we stayed a night at the Wilderness Resort in Pigeon Forge & had a great time. Madilyn & Jeff swam in the indoor water park, then she & I painted pottery that night. Madilyn painted a firetruck with quite the detail, and I painted an ornament using mint & coral colors. We had a lot of snacky food & she picked out a chocolate┬áTyrannosaurus┬áRex to give to Uncle Chris as an early birthday present.

But perhaps the most exciting thing was running into Santa in the hotel lobby just before we left! Ellenor gave his beard a tug to make sure he was legit. She learns fast! Madilyn asked Santa for Tinkerbell’s Secret of the Wings DVD. He also quizzed her on the princesses’ names.


On Thanksgiving Day we went to my Uncle David & Aunt Cindy’s house. She prepared quite the “feast” as Madilyn calls it. Everything was perfect. We had a great afternoon … Then afterward Aunt Cindy & I hit up Walmart for the pre-Black Friday sales. It was crazy! And fun. We got some good deals and Christmas shopping is officially done! Here are the girls in their matching Turkey Day shirts.

Madilyn took this pic ­čśë

The look on Madilyn’s face when we told her there were presents to open:

Out of all her gifts, her favorite was a little stuffed Chihuahua named Skippy John Jones – or Skippy for short.

She got a stack of bills from her Mamaw Lou, which she quickly spent at the toy store.

Ellenor was just happy to be here, but she got her first baby doll as a gift from Nana.

Madilyn opened it for her. I love that their expressions are the same in this pic:


Sunday we asked Uncle David to dedicate baby Ellenor to the Lord. He spoke wonderful words of promise over our little one.

Madilyn asked if she could stand next to Uncle David, as it would be her “first time on stage.” I have a feeling it won’t be the last!

Being dedicated is tiring business!