Madilyn’s 1st Sleepover!

Our friend Krystal came over with four friends last night with dinner and helped us pack for our move. It was beyond sweet & generous. We felt so loved! Krystal offered to take Madilyn home overnight. What she didn’t know was that Madilyn’s one big final request before we left Florida was to have a real sleepover! So she was beyond excited to go with her. Krystal texted me photos & captions of their fun night and I just had to share them here.

Starting the bedtime process

“We have to pray with the doll.”

“Let me fix my sleeping bag and THEN you take the picture.”

“Doll and teddy bear are waiting for me.”

Pedicure time with sugar-free Popsicle. “My mom never lets me have this kind of treat at night, but it’s ok because sleepovers are secret.”

“Wait. I want to do a funny face.”

“Can we read in your bed?”

“Let me make another funny face.”

“I’m gonna try to stay in my sleeping bag on the floor.”

Down for the count inside sleeping bag on Krystal’s bed. “Let’s put a pillow in the middle so you can have your own space because that’s what my mom does.”

From Krystal: “She has done VERY well. Kept saying, ‘I can’t believe I’m at a sleepover at your house. Can you believe it??’ She hasn’t asked for you and she immediately unpacked the contents of her backpack and laid out everything strategically, including her toothbrush. So cute.”

Breakfast of Champions

Our our way!

Congratulations, Ginger!

Jeff’s mother Ginger retired this year from teaching. We wanted to send her out with a bang, so the family has been planning a special celebration since early this year. We had a party for her last night in Mount Dora and as a special surprise, her sister and sister-in-law and their husbands flew in the day before. She had no idea! The first set of photos below is at my sister-in-law Pam’s house when she was surprised by her special guests. The next set are of the party itself. She had other cousins surprise her from out-of-town, and plenty of friends and family there to wish her the best on this new chapter of her life. We are very proud of her!

Jeff’s End of School Lunch

Jeff was recognized at his school’s end-of-the-year faculty & staff lunch last week. The girls and I went to the lunch so his colleagues could meet the new little one. During the powerpoint, they gave Jeff a slide and a minute to speak about his experience at Evans. It was bittersweet. Ellenor also got a slide in the powerpoint & a Dr. Seuss book from the school. We enjoyed the “luau” style lunch and meeting Jeff’s co-workers. He will be greatly missed there!

Madilyn & her friend Harry

In Daddy’s office

Meeting Ellenor

We’ve had so many friends and family come to welcome Ellenor. We’re thankful. Here are some photos from the past five weeks as Ellenor has thrived here on planet Earth!


2nd church service!

Ready for the first church service!

First church service outfit

Uncle Gordy and Kate

Aunt Alison

Cousin pileup!

Cousins Dane & Jaycie



Baby sis!

Friends Beth & Caitlin

First sponge bath

Cousin Brock

Rainbow Classic

Madilyn participated in her first gymnastics and dance meet at the end of May called the Rainbow Classic. We were so proud of her progress over the last year+. We were also so happy to have so many family there to watch her perform – mom & dad, grandmothers, aunt and cousins, uncle and baby sis! Here are some pictures from the day. She did a round of gymnastics activities, then performed with her ballet class. They danced to an Alison Krauss song and a “Tinkerbell” song – “Fly to Your Heart.” Madilyn got a T-shirt and her very first trophy for her participation. She was beyond excited & thrilled.