The Countdown Begins

Three and a half weeks left until our new little one makes her appearance. Jeff and Madilyn are getting out the baby gear today (Madilyn is trying it all out). We’re cleaning and washing clothes and gear and getting ready. I even started packing my hospital bag. Macey, our dog, is driving me nuts. She doesn’t leave my side. If I get up, she follows me. She sits and stares at me. I guess she knows something’s up!

This pregnancy has been quite a bit different than Madilyn’s, and thankfully one characteristic that hasn’t repeated itself is swelling. I remember being swollen from May – August (I had her in July!) … this time around I still have ankle bones!


Easter 2012!

Well, in case you don’t recognize the house, we moved! We sold our house and closed the last week in March. We’ve moved into our brother- and sister-in-law’s vacant house while we’re in transition. We are all settled in and looking forward to welcoming our second baby girl here in about 4 weeks.


We took a mini beach vacation in between Madilyn’s and Jeff’s spring breaks. Here are a few photos from the beach. I’ve never seen Madilyn so excited. She absolutely loves it.