Lyle the Crocodile

We love taking Madilyn to see children’s theater, and yesterday we took her to the new production of “Lyle the Crocodile.” It was a cute play, and the highlight was getting the book afterward and having the characters sign it. We were so proud of her for walking up to each one and interacting with them. Her daddy said maybe one day she’ll be the one giving out autographs. Madilyn liked that.

Ready to start!


Madilyn wanted this little girl’s autograph first.

Mr. Grumps

Ms. Nitpicker (my fav)



We’re Having a Baby May 9th!

Dr. Odom, my OBGYN, officially put me on the books today for a caesarean on Wednesday, May 9, meaning we’ll meet our baby that day! So we’re officially 2 1/2 months away now. February seems so far from May, but 2 1/2 months sounds right around the corner!

Several friends at church are pregnant and due around the same time – so we’ll probably overlap each other in the hospital. Good times. Here are the lovely ladies from a birthday outing we had recently (L-R: Me, Darlene, Andrea and Kara).

Madilyn Hijacks Video Camera

Madilyn sometimes plays with my iPhone while we’re in the car, but I had no idea she was taking these adorable videos of herself. Watch & enjoy the cuteness. The last one sent me over the edge with laughter.

These videos are password protected. Type in “madilyn” to view.

Jesus Loves the Little Children from cara davis on Vimeo.

Madilyn records a video of herself singing “Jesus Loves the Little Children.”

Twinkle, Twinkle from cara davis on Vimeo.

I love how she searches for the stop button at the end. Slays me!

Oh Christmas Tree Re-imagined from cara davis on Vimeo.

My mom used to sing a special version of O Christmas Tree which she and I also sing to Madilyn. Madilyn does her own take on it … listen to the very end when she gives it a love song spin. I was rolling!

The Martha Stewart Baby Shower Show

I was chosen to be part of the audience of The Martha Stewart Baby Shower Show, a special theme show she does once a year, where she showers moms-to-be with all kinds of great baby loot. I flew in and out of NYC the same day (which proved to be more of a physical challenge than I expected) and brought home a bunch of great stuff. Some is being shipped as well.

The show airs today, Fri. Feb. 17, and clips from the show will be posted on on Tues., Feb. 21. There is a video preview I just saw online. I caught a tiny glimpse of myself:

The Loot

Here are some of the items we received – about 27 things in all totaling about $1,200!

  1. McClaren stroller and footmuff
  2. Stokke travel bag
  3. Kushies flannel sheets
  4. Phil&teds portable high chair and bassinet
  5. Summer Infant video monitors
  6. Dapple clean-up kits
  7. Wean Green food containers
  8. Razbaby pacifier
  9. Skip Hop diaper bag
  10. Cuski and Sophie the Giraffe toys from Fairytales Children’s Boutique
  11. Rhoost corner guards
  12. SwaddleDesigns blankets
  13. Boppy pillow
  14. Zutano gift card and bib
  15. Goat-Milk onesie
  16. Go Gently Baby bib
  17. Polarn O. Pyret gift card and toy bunny
  18. Estella gift card
  19. Tea Collection top-and-pant set
  20. Johnson’s Baby bath set and “Treasuring Everyday Joy” book
  21. Martha Stewart Home Office with Avery chalkboard labels, chalk, clothing labels, and organizing pamphlet
  22. Martha Stewart Crafts paint set and stencil film from Michael’s and Plaid
  23. Estella (Enter promo code “MSBabyBamboo” to receive 20 percent off your bamboo collection order; valid until February 21, 2012)
  24. Wean Green (Enter promo code “MarthaRocks” to receive free shipping)

The Links

Here are three links from the show, a recipe for the reveal cake she does a segment on, then the baby fashion show, then a tutorial for an animal hook plate. So cute!

The Photos

Here are some of my photos from the (very long) day.

Audience Entrance sign – notably hanging with blue satin ribbon instead of the less attractive string.

Martha sign

Martha sign again from the street

I stood outside from 10:30 to 12:15. Many women were on “standby” and weren’t guaranteed admission.

We were in a holding area until it was time to enter the studio. I don’t believe I’ve ever been in a room with 200 pregnant women before. You should have seen the line to the bathroom. Pregnancy stories were flying like crazy. We were hungry too and there was only bottled water!

The studio was bigger than I had imagined – especially after our NYC trip back in November when we did the NBC tour and saw how small most of the TV studios are.

Some women were sitting in chairs on the studio floor. I was on the front row of the studio section. We all had to wear coordinating colors according to what we’re having. (Pink for me of course.)

We could watch what was being filmed on large overhead monitors. Funny how when the cameras pan over the audience you’ll see most of us watching the monitors instead.

ME! Getting stiff from sitting too long.

Ready to head home after a long day.

Jeff’s Birthday Highlights

Madilyn woke up very early & decided to surprise Daddy with a birthday breakfast in bed. He was so surprised!

At work some colleagues TP’ed his office & had a Happy Birthday sign.

At home Jeff’s mom greeted him for a few minutes. Then we had gifts, dinner & homemade cake that Madilyn helped with. A good day celebrating a great man!






Happy Birthday, Jeff!

Jeff is turning a year older today! I think Madilyn said it best the other day about him: “I think I’m falling in love for him.” Then she let out a big sigh. In celebration of his big day, here’s an all-Jeff photo post, with a few favs past & present. Enjoy!

Pinkalicious Saturday

Madilyn and I had a fun Saturday. We went to see Pinkalicious the Musical at the Orlando Rep, but tickets for the rest of the season were sold out! Madilyn was heartbroken so I went inside to see if anything could be done. The kind man at the box office said to wait around a few minutes and he would see what he could do. After about 10 minutes he motioned for us to come over and let us purchase two front row seats! We were thrilled. The musical was pink and adorable. Madilyn enjoyed the cupcake man costume. After the show she was able to get a book autographed by Pinkalicious!

After the play we went to All Fired Up! to paint pottery for the first time. I was so impressed by Madilyn’s attention span an attention to detail. She painted a unicorn and I painted a princess plate. We had a great time there so we thought we’d keep it going. We went to Menchie’s for frozen yogurt, then next door to Tijuana Flats for tacos (yes, we ate dessert first!). We had a great time and hope for more fun days like that in the near future.

Front row!

She used a lot of paintbrushes!

This was her first trip to Menchie’s. She loved being able to pile on as many toppings as she wanted!


We went to Seaworld on MLK Jr. day in January with our friend Harry and his parents. Here are a few pix from the day.

Madilyn’s Preschool Artwork

A few days ago on Twitter I posted a message about what to do with boxes of photos, cards and kid artwork. I got a few great suggestions, and decided to scan in her artwork (and gasp, throw it away afterward!) Scanning was quick and easy, but it was hard to toss it. But I am excited about being able to better enjoy her artwork. Since I create a Shutterfly (or similar) book for her each year on her birthday with pictures and memories (mostly from the blog) of the year before, I’ve decided to include her artwork each year in that book. I think this will be the best way to preserve that art an those memories moving forward. With that, here are a few favorites I’ve scanned in this week. These are from ages 2-4. Precious!