Tennessee Christmas

We’re having a wonderful Tennessee Christmas.

Florida Christmas

Since we’re headed up to Tennessee for Christmas, we celebrated early with our family here in Florida. We had dinner at Mimi’s and the cousins exchanged gifts last night. Then tonight Mimi came to our house as Madilyn opened her gifts. We’ve had an exciting couple of days and look forward to boarding the airplane to Nana’s tomorrow!

Cousin Drew with his gift from Madilyn. She picked it out & it was a hit.

Uncle Gordy terrorizing Kate’s gift. Madilyn cried when we wrapped it because she wanted to keep it. She didn’t know she was getting one just like it for Christmas!

Madilyn got some fun gifts from her cousins!

Tonight, while Mimi played with Madilyn in her room, Jeff & I brought out the presents and put them under the tree for the first time. She was shocked when she walked out!

Mini American Girl Doll

Hello Kitty pajamas

I don’t even remember what this was.

Disney princesses

Then we rolled out the big gift: a Disney castle dollhouse!

A new, big girl bike!

Opening the stockings!

Madilyn & Mimi

Jeff got me a Gucci bracelet!

I got him two pairs of his favorite shoes.

Even Baby Davis #2 got some gowns & socks!

Madilyn also got a special delivery from Santa. He heard she was going to be at Nana’s on Christmas so he dropped a UPS box down the chimney with her special request – a makeup kit! She was beyond surprised & excited. It was so sweet. I had a video of it, but realized it revealed our address so I took it down 🙁 Email me if you’d like to see it 🙂

We are having a great Christmas & look forward to more time with family in the coming days.

The Christmas Angel

Madilyn’s preschool class put on a play of the Christmas story for the parents (well, her teacher said this was their gift to Jesus. We just get to watch.) For weeks Madilyn told us she was going to be an angel, but the “main” angel. We just patted her on the head, thinking she was assigning herself a place of importance.

Sure enough, when we got the program that day, there was Madilyn’s name with the title of “Main Angel.” We got schooled! Madilyn had a pedestal to stand on and heralded the coming of the Lord. She stayed in character the whole time, and we are so very proud of her. Here are a few pictures from the day.

Madilyn & Iain – a little boy in her class who just adores Madilyn.

Rapture Ready?

I’ve grown up in a Christian culture that convinces young people they have no future because the Rapture is eminent. End-of-the-world scenarios have gone mainstream with all the talk of the Mayan calendar ending in 2012. Thanks, Hollywood.

While I’ll steer clear of theological discussions here, I wanted to let my friends know about a fantastic little book my friend and colleague (and one of my favorite writers) Jason Boyett has written.

Pocket Guide to 2012 is the definitive book to read if you’re curious about all the hullabaloo surrounding End Times talk.

  • If that stuff freaks you out, like it does me, this book will calm your fears.
  • If this stuff excites you, it will fuel your fire.
  • If this stuff is fascinating, you’ll have a good weekend of fodder to feed your curiosity.

In other words, there’s something for everyone! And Jason is offering his e-book at a reduced price for a limited time. Download it for $1.99 and then leave him a review on Amazon to help others decide if this is the book for them.

I actually copy edited this book for Jason so I can vouch for its content. Good stuff ahead!

Good luck, God speed and always wear clean underwear … you know, in case of the Rapture.

It’s a Girl!

Today was the big day! This morning Jeff and Madilyn came with me to the mid-pregnancy ultrasound and we saw Baby Sister squirming on the computer screen. Yep, it’s a girl. We are excited & thrilled. Baby is developing just fine. We are counting our blessings. We look forward to celebrating with family over the holidays.