Madilyn’s Fall Pictures

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Madilyn went with her friend Christopher to the pumpkin patch after school today. They had fun running around the pumpkins and enjoying the decorations. Madilyn picked a blue-glittered covered pumpkin, which we’ll be certain to post a picture of later. Here they are at the pumpkin patch.

Happy Birthday, Mima!

Madilyn’s Mima (whom she used to call Mimi) has a birthday today. The family celebrated with dinner at her house yesterday after church. But today Madilyn & I dropped off a little surprise on her front porch to greet her when she comes home from work.

Happy Birthday, Mima! We love you!

MaKenna’s 16th Birthday Party

We enjoyed attending MaKenna’s sweet sixteen birthday party last night. As a party game, we were to fill out a questionnaire to show how much we know about MaKenna. So I enlisted a little help from Madilyn and her friend Caitlin. Enjoy.

Is it October already?

Madilyn is excited about going to Nana’s for Christmas. I showed her on the calendar how many days until Christmas. She is hoping to see snow!


Most nights Madilyn picks out several books for Daddy to read. Some of her current favorites are Alice the Fairy, No David No, and Charlie the Ranch Dog.


September 2011

This was a fun month. We celebrated Jaycie’s birthday and went to see Disney on Ice. Madilyn dressed up as Rapunzel from Tangled.

Earlier this year we sold our camera equipment. This month we finally bought a new get-up and are happy to be able to take nice pictures of our pride and joy again. This month Madilyn also started back to gymnastics after a summer hiatus.

August 2011

This month Madilyn started pre-school! We also got our bathroom renovation nearly completed, put our house up on the market for sale, and I traveled to St. Louis to be on a television taping to promote my book. It was an exciting month!