Time flies you’re talking about death

Summer is in full swing in the Davis household. Madilyn is home every day all day with me, and we’re working on ways to keep her busy. She turns 4 next Tuesday, which seems impossible since we just had her like, yesterday.

Two nights ago she asked me about her grandfathers, and if they live with God. I told her yes, in heaven. She wanted to know about heaven.

Then she asked if she was going to die.

Now, no where in the parenting manual was I warned that my child would ask me life’s biggest question at age 3.

That’s sooo not fair.

Given, we’ve probably been talking about death since Madilyn was two weeks old, when we lost my Grandfather. Then nine months later when we lost my Dad.

I’ve tried my best to keep their memory alive for her, showing her pictures and telling her stories … but not dwelling on death.

When she asked me, we were lying in the bed trying to fall asleep. I brushed her hair and told her Jesus promises that we can live forever with Him in heaven.

I didn’t tell her we had to die first. Or what we’re told we need to do to gain admission.

I’m a mom and my greatest desire is to comfort her.

She didn’t ask anymore questions that night, but drifted to sleep. (Which is what I wish I were doing now instead of talking about death.)

We’re going to celebrate life next week. Madilyn turns 4 and Nana’s coming to visit. We are blessed, happy and well.

Have your kids asked you big life questions? How did you respond?