Our mini Vaca turned into a staycation and we’ve enjoyed it. It’s just nice to have Jeff at home. After I finished work Monday we took Madilyn on her first bowling outing. She’s played it on Wii and was shocked to learn that it exists in real life. Now she wants to try all the games in real life.













Still pouting…

Little Miss Independent wanted to do it all by herself then got so mad if she didn’t knock any pins down. We had them put the bumpers up but it only helped some. She still had a great time.

We left the bowling alley to drown our sorrows in ketchup and ice cream at Dairy Queen.



Mini Vaca Canceled

Well our mini vacation was not to be. Weather reports say it’s going to rain this week so Jeff thought it was best to cancel our reservations. I’m just glad I didn’t use Priceline this time and prepay. I still have my cruise to look forward to next week but I’ll admit I’m disappointed we won’t be hanging as a fam this week.

Here are a few shots from the weekend. Enjoy!

Madilyn got her nails done for the first time.


She and I hung out at Ikea where she made a drumset with this little guy out of the stools.

Here she is playing at Pottery Barn Kids and having a blast.



Finally, here are some pix from Sunday. Pretty in her fav color, pink.


She loves hugging with Baby Kate!

A Day in the Life of Madilyn

In the morning, I sleep as long as I can even though the sun starts to shine in my window. When I wake, I make baby cooing noises. If Mama doesn’t hear them, I’ll call out to her in my sweetest voice until she comes. She usually runs. She can’t wait to see me.

We hug and snuggle and I tell her I’m still sleepy, so I turn over a lay on my favorite pillow for a few minutes longer. Then I ask for the TV on and a snack. (It’s not breakfast, it’s a snack, I tell Mom.) She brings me a sliced apple, half a banana and sometimes cereal or toast. And always apple juice. It’s my favorite.

If I have school that day, Mama bugs me about getting dressed for like an hour. If I don’t have school, I get to stay in my pajamas. I go out to the couch, dragging my favorite pillow behind me, which Mama says gets germs on it.

Mama pecks away on her computer for hours while I play and watch recorded episodes of Bubble Guppies and SpongeBob SquarePants. Sometimes I go in the office and draw cards for my cousins, or play with puzzles.

I ask for more snacks and a juice box when I get hungry again. I like raisins, string cheese, turkey and more apples. Oh, and I love grapes too. I ask to play with Mom’s computer 387 times over the next several hours, and she gives me her iPhone to play with instead. I play Barbie Fashionista, Tinkerbell, Trucks and Shapes games, and I watch videos of me and Daddy being silly. I also know how to pull up my favorite shows and movies on Netflix. Yep, I’m smart.

Sometimes I help Mama get the mail from the mailbox, or give Macey food and water or help put the silverware into the drawer when Mom’s doing dishes. I beg her to go outside and play and she says I can do that when Daddy comes home.

When it gets dark Mama FINALLY lets me play with her computer and I play Sprout, PBS Kids, Nick Jr. and Disney for as long as she’ll let me. She usually makes me get off right in the middle of a game to take a bath! The nerve!

After every bath, she or Daddy wraps me up in my butterfly towel and holds me like a baby as we go back to my room to dry off and put on my favorite pajamas, which include SpongeBob SquarePants and Minnie Mouse and Tinkerbell gowns. We usually read a book or two, and then it’s more relaxing until bedtime. I beg Mommy to lay down with me so I can sleep.

My Mommy thinks I dream of butterflies and fairies and pink marshmallows. I don’t know. I’m sleeping!

3 Spring Breaks & a Banjo

Madilyn’s Mother’s Day Out & Preschool follows Seminole county’s school schedule so this is her Spring Break. But next week is Jeff’s and he had the fantastic idea of staying at a hotel close to Disney and being a tourist for a few days. So part of our week next week will be that.

Then…. my unofficial Spring Break comes in the form of a cruise the following week! Mom is flying down to care for Madilyn as I hop on board a Celebrity Cruise ship for the re:create Conference. It’s a work-slash-retreat-slash-worship conference that I wanted to attend regardless of its location. But the cruise will be the added bonus. It’s also my first time on a cruise so I assured Jeff I’d let him know how it went in case we’d like to go sometime 🙂

We will also be celebrating Mom’s birthday while she is here. I’ve already planned her cake: chocolate cake with peanut butter icing!

And I can’t end a post without a picture. Here is Jeff showing Madilyn around his new banjo he’s learning to play. I only wish we lived closer to Uncle Dean for some lessons. He’s the master!



Madilyn was so happy to be with her cousin Drew today. (The other day she told me she wants to marry him. We’ll have to gave a talk about that.) We had a great morning and enjoyed lunch together after service. This week is their spring break and next week is ours!