Bath Project Begins!

Our long-awaited bath project started today!!!!!

Our fearless contractor and friend, Rodney Hudspeth. I’d like to take this moment to point out that Rodney and his lovely wife Sheena were among the couples on my and Jeff’s very first date together.

I forgot this dear person’s name … so I’ll make up for it by posting a picture of his posterior on the World Wide Web, which has no direct correlation to the size of said posterior.

We were so excited that this project started today (Jeff demoed the bath a year ago!) that I brought home a dozen donuts to share with our guests, and Jeff celebrated by making enormous balloon headdresses – of course!

And what’s a Davis Baby Blog post without a picture of Madilyn? ….or 3?

Super cute outfit complements of Aunt Pam + fam.

No Boys Allowed

Last night Madilyn drew this sign and made Jeff write ‘NO’ on it. She says it means “no boys allowed” and she taped it on her bedroom door and made other ones to put one on every bedroom door in the house.

I was just glad it meant no boys allowed because when I first saw it I thought it was mommy and daughter and the word she hears most often!