Florida Christmas

We had a great Christmas here at home. Madilyn got some great gifts and was so surprised to find that Santa brought her what she asked him for: A Dora Windows Surprise House. She got Bitty Baby twin dolls and stroller from Nana. She got an assortment of other gifts and has wasted no time in playing with them today.

We spent last night and today with our family and Madilyn loved getting to play with her cousins. We had warm, sunny weather that we enjoyed and look forward to another low-key week before hitting the new year full speed ahead.

Christmas Eve

Excited to start opening gifts on Christmas morning in her new PJs!

Adorable little feet


She loves it all.

Playing with cousins

A gift from Mimi!

Loving her Mimi

After she opened her gifts at home she said, “I can’t believe I got so many gifts!” Later in the evening she said she loved all her gifts. She was a grateful, happy little girl.

A (Disappointing) Visit with Santa

We went to see Santa yesterday – much to our surprise Aunt Pam, Mimi and the kids were also coming to see Santa at the very same time! We couldn’t have planned it any better. Madilyn told Santa about the toy she wants the very, very most (Dora Windows Surprise House) then started looking all around. She thought it would magically appear once she told Santa what she wanted! He gave her a coloring book instead. You should have seen the look of utter disappointment as she walked off. We had to explain to her that she was just putting in her order, but that her gift from Santa wouldn’t be here until Christmas morning! It was a difficult conversation. At least we have a cute pic with Santa! 😉

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Madilyn had never been to the Magic Kingdom until last week. And she went twice. I guess we’re making up for lost time.

Jeff got free tickets to use and they were going to expire this weekend, so he took her by himself and they had a great time. Then Friday night we joined with family and friends and went to Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. The park crowwwwded, but the look on Madilyn’s face during the parade and the fake snow was worth the hustle and bustle.

We FINALLY got our Christmas decorations up. Being away the week of Thanksgiving put us behind. While shopping for some last-minute supplies, Jeff got Madilyn an electronic snowglobe that has captured Madilyn’s imagination.

It, of course, features Cinderella.

My beauty.

Our weather has turned cooler and Christmas is in site. Here’s a shot before church yesterday morning. Those blue eyes!

We had our Christmas Candlelight service last night at church. It was really a great night. That’s me under the red arrow.

Nana’s here for the week as I head to Charlotte for a final trip this year.

Looking forward to enjoying the delights of the rest of season.