Nashville, Part 2

We toured around Opryland Hotel Friday and enjoyed the sights of the season. Madilyn got a giant puzzle from her Uncle Chris and enjoyed putting it together with some help. She saw her first movie, “Tangled,” which was fantastic. Nana gave her the Rapunzel doll afterward. We loaded up Mimi’s SUV (see pic below) and headed home. It took us nearly 14 hours due to the holiday traffic.

We enjoyed our time with friends this week, including Mom’s best friend Linda Williams, and a long-time friend of mine, Stacie Collins. Hope we can do it again soon!

Nashville, Part 1

We’re having a great time in Nashville, seeing the sights, eating until we’re comatose and visiting with friends.

Saturday we met friends for dinner after driving up 12 hours from Florida. Sunday we went to our old home church and saw their beautiful new sanctuary. We met a friend for lunch. Monday we dropped Ginger’s car off to be repaired. The windshield got cracked, we think, on our trip up. We made our way to Franklin as Monday was going to be our best day weather-wise and had breakfast at Merridees. We walked through downtown Franklin and visited an historical site, the Carter House. Monday night Jeff and I celebrated 7 years of marriage by eating until we were sick at Maggiano’s on West End.

Tuesday Jeff and I had separate meetings then we went to Green Hills Mall and Mom got interviewed by a Channel 4 reporter for a “Black Friday” news story. You can watch it here: That night Jeff and I visited The Bridge Ministry to the homeless as part of research for a story. We met our friends Derek and Leslie there and got to hang out with them a little afterward. More eating was involved.

Wednesday we went to the Loveless Cafe and had the best biscuits we’d ever eaten. That afternoon Ginger and Jeff went to tour The Hermitage, the historical home of President Andrew Jackson, and the area where my childhood home is located. That night we went to our friends home, DeeJay and Karla Shoulders. Her mom, Gail, and sister, Connie came too. Their son Peyton entertained Madilyn while the rest of us talked and ate a lot of food (are you sensing a trend?), including Cheesecake Factory cheesecake. It’s so good to visit with old friends. It’s been too long!

Thursday we braved the crowds at Cracker Barrel for Thanksgiving dinner. We ate. A lot. We all came back and crashed for several hours. That afternoon we went on a driving tour of downtown Nashville to show Ginger the sites. This is her first trip here. The weather turned bad so we drove back the condo for more food and vegging out.

Tomorrow’s our last full day here. We have a few things in mind to do. We definitely want to walk through Opryland Hotel to see the Christmas decorations. We’re staying just beside it. Then it’ll be time to pack up and head home. We’ve had a great trip!

Madilyn’s Tree of Thanks

Some things make your heart melt. Even when they’re covered in paint and feathers on a paper plate.

And this couldn’t be any more precious:

Madilyn is thankful for:

Toy Pink Dog

A pretty good list, I’d say. We are thankful for you, too, Madilyn. You’re our delight!

Taming a 3-year-old Turkey

This is my 3-year-old turkey.

Isn’t she cute?

Here she’s showing off her Native American headdress she made at school.

She wants to make sure you see it.

She’s wearing her “God’s Little Turkey” shirt she made last year in the 2s class at school.

If she was our little piggie, we’d stuff an apple in her mouth.

Looks like she’s taken care of that for us. But the only thing she really hogs is the iPod.

I mean look at those abs. Is it weird to be jealous of your toddler’s abs?

She looks proud as a peacock in her colorful stripes and monogrammed shirt from Mrs. Beth.

Yeah, she loves the attention.

And I love to give it to her.

How’s your November going?

Halloween Treats

Madilyn and cousin Drew at Trunk-er-Treat

My beauty baby is a little girl now. How did that happen?

Halloween bow from Nana

A “Boo-tiful” dress

Caterpillar cookies for Halloween

“I’m bringing chubby back” … That’s what I’m talking about…

Drew and Madilyn were very competitive while Trick or Treating …. when one got 2 pieces of candy, the other announced they would get 3. When one wanted to ride in front of the double stroller, the other raced back to get it the next time.

Cousin Jaycie … the prettiest “nerd” I’ve ever seen!

Baby Dane was a little monkey!

A treat of a night!