Madilyn’s ‘House’

We turned part of a narrow little storage room in our house into a play house for Madilyn. Jeff and I were up until 3 a.m. putting this together for her on a whim. (Watch the video of her discovering it this morning.)

I hung curtains I already with a shower curtain rod to serve as a “door.”

A neat little hideaway…

Her table and chairs moved from the living room and the kitchenette from her room. It’s all about reinventing her toys so she can enjoy them in new ways. Gotta keep it fresh!

The first thing she really commented on when she saw it this morning was that it was her artwork on the walls. She loved it!

A little house fit for a princess!

My beauty has also started gymnastics. She loves it!

I also recently reworked the office to make it more Madilyn-friendly. (Sorry, Jeff! His desk and computer got the boot!)

Play-Doh Princess

We made pretty princess accessories using Play-Doh today. So fun!

Here are her outfits from church yesterday:

always stunning in red!

so sweet in this butterfly jumper.

We are looking forward to cooler temperatures. We just know they’re on the way. We just know it! We’re holding out, at least.

How was your weekend?

Pumpkin Time!

We stopped at a fruit stand Friday and Madilyn picked out a perfect pumpkin for carving. Well, actually, instead of carving this year, we had a Mr. Potato Head Princess Pumpkin.

First, Madilyn and Daddy carved the top off and scooped out all the pumpkin guts. Eww!

Oooohhh… lots of guts!

All clean?

Daddy gets out the power tools to drill holes for the Potato Head parts.

Madilyn places the parts on the pumpkin just so.

The crowning touch…

She has an air of royalty, doesn’t she?

Happy with her work. She calls it her perfect pumpkin.

Here are a couple other shots from the weekend:

pLaY TiME!

Here’s my beauty at the park just before we went to see “The House at Pooh Corner” play at the Orlando Rep. She even got to meet Pooh and friends after the show!

Words with Madilyn

Madilyn says a few words and phrases in her own unique way. She pronounces some words like she’s from Boston, like Past-uh (for Pastor) … some words just wrong (she says “heern” for “here”) and mixes us some phrases: if she’s left by herself she’ll coming running and say, “I was by alone!” And of course she stills says “Hold you” when she wants us to hold her and we’ll never correct that … it’s just too sweet. She also uses tactics we use on her back at us. If I’m working on the computer she’ll say, “Don’t you want to share your computer with me?” (so she can play her computer games).

She’s starting recognize three letter words like “cat,” and of course she knows all her letters. She’s even starting to write her name! (She can already type it on the computer.) She also recognizes when words are upside down. We were at the science center this weekend and they had a center with words on blocks you could rearrange. She turned all the words upright and organized them according to color then told us which group had the most words!

She’s one smart cookie. We are thankful for her beauty and her brains!

A Perfect 10!

Mimi is celebrating a very special birthday on 10-10-10 today! She’s a perfect 10 everyday, though. Her cake even said so!

Alison bringing the cake in as Kate and Madilyn look on…

Helping blow out the candles…

Ready to dig in!

Happy Birthday, Mimi! We love you!

Madilyn After Dentist

This is Madilyn after her first dental appointment today.

At first when she heard we were going, she was a little scared, but I suggested she bring Minnie Mouse. From then on, she was ready to go. She went right back with the hygienists and didn’t even ask for me, but I snuck a quick video of her before my cleaning. Madilyn was a pro! She did a great job and they were even able to clean her teeth (grape toothpaste). She picked out a green toothbrush (and a pink one for me!) She picked out two bracelets from the treasure box. They were purple and green, which matched her Tinkerbell shirt. After the appointment we ate lunch at a picnic table at the nearby park at Lake Lily. It was a beautiful day!

(Click image above for quick video.)

Oh – and no cavities. Doc says her teeth are beautiful!

(I did good at my appointment too!)