She’s mine, and yet all her own.

Each day I pick up Madilyn from Mother’s Day Out I try to go a couple minutes early to catch a glimpse of Madilyn on the playground as I drive by for the pick-up line. She never sees me and for a few seconds I see her playing and interacting with the other kids. It’s a strangely magical moment for me every time. I marvel at how she’s a whole complete other being than me, yet she’s so much a part of me. She’s mine, and yet all her own. She has her own thoughts, dreams, wishes, preferences, opinions, tastes, and it makes me wonder: How much of them will be like mine? How much will be like Jeff’s? How much will be entirely her own? I don’t know, but it’s a pleasure to see them unfold.

Sweet Sunday

Madilyn’s oldest cousin Brock was baptized today by Pastor Williams. It was a great day! We love our “Frock,” as Madilyn calls him!

Here are some photos from the day.

The crew – thanks to Brittany McLain for snapping the photo!

Sweet Baby Kate

Cutey Drew, with a black eye!

Madilyn took this picture of her Daddy!

Madilyn and Uncle John. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this already on the blog, but the other day Uncle John asked Madilyn who her favorite uncle was. She said without hesitation, “Uncle Jeff”! We roared … to her it was obvious. All her cousins call her Dad Uncle Jeff, so he must qualify.

My punkin’ pie!

More Pix from PA

On our flight up, an airline worker asked Madilyn to hand the pilot some paper, so the pilot greeted Madilyn and gave her some “wings.” She was so excited!

Madilyn had a blast in Gram’s automated chair. She went up and down and up and down. She would lay it in flat and watch TV. She said she was “‘laxing.”

Oooh, Mannings. How I love thee. There is a dairy farm called Manning’s close by and they have an ice cream shop where they also sell milk. A stop at Mannings is always on the agenda when we visit. Those two mountains you see in the foreground of the photo are ice cream cones. Enormous. Delish.

Coming home on the airplane … happy girl!

Labor Day in PA

Jeff, Madilyn, Mimi and I flew up to Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania, this Labor Day weekend to celebrate Grandma O’Hara’s very special 90th birthday. We had a big party at her house yesterday and Madilyn has had sooo much fun. She especially enjoyed meeting a lot of her cousins. Here is a video of the “Happy Birthday” song at the party then some fun photos from our weekend.

Click here for video.

Greeting Grandma

Party day. Madilyn and cousin Giana

Jeff and cousin Dylan

Chillin’ with Giana. Madilyn has been calling us “Dad” and “Mom” all weekend.

Mildred O’Hara and her 90th birthday cake!

Our family … Madilyn’s middle name is O’Hara after this family.

Aunt Pat, Uncle Carl, Mimi and Gram

Madilyn’s helping Grandma O’Hara (she says “Gramma-Hara”) open gifts.

Sweet hugs.

I asked Madilyn what her favorite part about the party was and she said, “Birthday cake, first. Then giving grandma hugs. Hugs are nice.”

Definitely worth the trip! What an honor for Madilyn to be at her great-grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration!