Back to School and a Week of Firsts

It was back to school in the Davis household last week. Jeff is doing great in his new position as Assistant Principal, and Miss Madilyn did a stellar job of going back to Mother’s Day Out. No tears or anything! The above picture was her first day back to school pic. I was cutting her days from four down to two, but on Friday she kept asking me why she couldn’t go to school. I think she gets bored here at home with me working, so we’re going to put her in three mornings a week as a compromise. I’m glad she loves her school!

This week was also a week of two “firsts.” Madilyn had her first “show & tell” Thursday in her class. She wanted to bring her new princess umbrella for all her classmates to see. We practiced what she was going to say about it. She was so excited. It was the sweetest thing. She will get to do this every week. The only caveat is that the item has to fit in her cubbie at school, so unfortunately she won’t be able to bring her enormous dolphin helium balloon that Daddy bought her (which was her choice for next week).

But the most exciting thing of all last week is that Madilyn is now POTTY TRAINED!!!!!

*potty dance*

I cannot tell you how excited and proud we are of her. We started Saturday morning and even went to Target to pick out underwear and a potty seat that fits on top of the regular toilet (that’s when she picked out the pink princess umbrella as motivation). She picked out Kai-Lan underwear, but her favorite pair in the pack features “Rinto” the tiger and his favorite word “Awesome!” in English and Chinese.

At least she’s well rounded.

We set the timer for her to sit on the potty every 30 minutes. This worked pretty well, as the timer was the one “nagging” her to go to the potty – not us. She had a few accidents the first day, but only a couple the next day … since then she’s been flying solo. Thursday she even wore underwear to school instead of pull-ups.

For anyone who’s on the other side of potty training, in our case it really was true that when they’re ready, they’re ready. We tried potty training earnestly two other times and it was a disaster. She didn’t want to do it. Now that she does, it was a breeze to potty train her.

Oh! Almost forgot … Madilyn is now sitting in a regular chair at dinner and restaurants. No more high chair!

Canoeing, Check-ups & Candy Apple Cupcakes

Saturday Jeff took Madilyn on a very special Daddy-Daughter adventure: her first canoe boat ride! He said she sat content in the boat the whole time – even when a deluge of rain fell on them. Such a little trooper! Here are a couple of photos from their outing.

She’s got her Cheetos!

Meanwhile I was getting supplies to make a back-to-school craft for Madilyn’s class. She helped assemble these candy apple cupcakes. The inspiration came from here and here. I think they turned out cute!

Sunday Madilyn wore a beautiful blue dress from Nana and then a cute red outfit that I actually got her (I think!). She wasn’t up for many pictures so this was the best we could do. She looks cute with her emergency teddy (named so because I bought him as an emergency teddy on Teddy Bear Picnic Day when I forgot to bring hers! He’s turned out to be a great teddy).

Monday Madilyn had her 3-year check-up at Dr. Peltesen’s office. She is 36.5″ tall and weighs 36lbs. We had quite the struggle at the examination. She was scared to death and did not want to be there, so she fought us tooth and nail. She even threw me under the bus when the doctor came in; she told him that *I* was the one sick – not her! It was so funny. I think all the doctor visits I’ve had recently have taken a toll on her. At any rate, she’s healthy and all looks well (praise God)! We are happy and blessed.

She looks so happy here. You’d have no idea that this moment was sandwiched between two fits! Her fears were legitimized when she was given two shots. So I treated my little sobbing girl to a pink donut at Starbucks. It was just what the doctor ordered.

Storytime Live!

Jeff and I brought Madilyn to the Bob Carr theater see Storytime Live!, a stage production of four Nick Jr. shows. She saw some of her favorite characters: Kai Lan, Backyardigans, Wonder Pets and of course, Dora the Explorer. The hosts were Moose and Zee, characters from Nick Jr.

At first she was really excited to be going to the play – especially because I gave her new Dora slip-on tennis shoes when we were getting ready to go – but when it started and the lights went dark, she got really, really scared. I held her tight and she was eventually able to turn around. Once she did she loved it. She was spellbound and talked about the show for several days after. Here are the shots before and after. Quite a difference! She was tired and wasn’t too keen about having her photo made. We had a great night though.

The next morning she said she had a dream she was a princess. (The Dora part of the play was about her becoming a “true princess,” so maybe that was on her sweet little mind.) Speaking of, today while we were watching Disney’s Robin Hood movie she told me when she grows up she wants to be either a princess, dog or doctor. I’m hoping for the latter.

Also, Madilyn has been learning to sound out words and say what letter they start with. When we were watching the movie today she said “Wuh, Wuh – Wobin Hood starts with a W!” I didn’t have the heart to tell her otherwise. Love that little voice!

We were watching a show today that was about how fun little brothers and sisters are to play with. I asked her if she would like to have a little brother or sister and she looked at me and said, “No. I just want you and Daddy.” Melted my heart!

A Sunday for Celebrating

We invited Jeff’s family over for lunch after church today to celebrate his recent promotion. Jeff retold about his journey here, crediting God for showing Jeff that He’s in control, not us. Jeff’s family showered him with executive-type gifts for which we were surprised and grateful. We had soup on a rainy day and enjoyed having most everybody here — especially thankful that Mimi is back from Pennsylvania! She said when Madilyn saw her this morning at church she was so surprised and shocked she just put her hand on her stomach and stomped up and down. There were no words! It was sweet.

This past week marked the 3rd anniversary of Pap-paw’s homegoing. Mom reminded me how happy he was to see Madilyn’s newborn pictures from this blog during his final days.


We’ve broken our record for # of times to hit the beach in a given year. I think it’s three. I’m proud of us.

Sorry these aren’t great photos …. they’re stills from the Flip video.

I uploaded a cute video clip of Madilyn on Facebook playing on the beach and not wanting her picture made.

We heart our neighbors ….

We have some terrific neighbors … on all sides of us. We’re always happy when one drops by with a special treat for Madilyn – this time for her 3rd birthday she had recently. The first is a dress from one set of neighbors across the street. Soooo cute. The others are from when our neighbor Connie came over today. She makes her own beautiful cards and always knows cool stuff to buy Madilyn thanks to having her own grandkids!