Wedding Pictures, Part 2

I only posted about three wedding pictures the other day, so I thought I’d pick more out to share with you. Seems like ages ago, but such a special day!

Congratulations, Jeff Davis, Assistant Principal!

We are honored, excited, proud, pleased-as-punch to announce that Jeff has been named new Assistant Principal at Evans High School! Jeff has been at Evans for two years now and has been working toward this appointment for about four years. We are so proud of him and happy that his day has finally arrived!

He met with the district superintendent Tuesday morning for final approval and was recognized Tuesday night at the school board meeting where he got to say a few words. We were thrilled to be there for support and look forward an exciting year as Jeff takes on his new role.

Here he is addressing the board:

And here’s a goofy one I took with my phone. We were bored.

And finally, a link to the video of his quick speech: Jeff’s Acceptance Speech

You Are My Sunshine

I have neglected to download videos from our Flip and I found this sweet video today. Madilyn is singing “You Are My Sunshine” … this was back in the spring. (use password: “madilyn09” to view)

“You Are My Sunshine”

Also, there is a cute video of Madilyn and her Daddy on the beach. If you’re offended by a man in his swimming trunks on the beach, just keep going. 🙂 (use password: “madilyn09” to view)

Madilyn and Jeff on the Beach

Hair Update

A few people asked for updates about Madilyn’s hair situation, so I thought I’d post this update and picture.

Well, I believe Miss Madilyn’s hair is improving. We haven’t seen any more fall out in a couple of months, AND she has a lot of new hair growth at the bottom. I tried to take a picture here. It’s kind of curling up, but it’s a good 2 inches or so back there of new growth. As you can see, it’s still very thin on the sides, but I believe hair will start coming in there soon too. Thank you, Jesus!

Wedding Pictures

I sent off my wedding negatives from 2003 to ScanDigital to have digitized a couple of months ago. I received them back on disc today so we were looking through them. Madilyn couldn’t understand why her cousin Drew wasn’t in the pictures! (He wasn’t here yet!)

90 Years

I learned today that women gained the right to vote 90 years ago Aug. 26! It’s especially neat that we are planning to celebrate Jeff’s grandmother’s 90th birthday this Labor Day weekend. Born the year women gained the right to vote. What a different world it’s been!

We are sad to lose my great uncle Tommy today. He was also 90 years old and recently developed cancer. He was always a treat to be around and I loved his sweet smile. It was always so neat to see he and my grandmother interact. He would come over for dinner at her house about once a week and she loved to cook for him. Thoughts and prayers go toward his immediate family.

I think about how the world has changed during his lifetime and I wonder how much the world will change again in Madilyn’s lifetime.

Lions, Tigers and Bears – Madilyn’s 3rd Birthday Party

To celebrate Madilyn’s 3rd birthday, we gathered at the Michael home with Madilyn’s favorite people: her uncles, aunts, cousins, parents and Nana. We missed Mimi, but she is taking care of Gram, who is recovering from surgery in Pennsylvania.

The festivities started early Monday evening when Madilyn, Daddy and cousins went swimming in the pool – one of her favorite things!

Meanwhile, we set up the decorations in the house. We went with an animal theme this year. We found some cute animal plates and cups at Target (I’ve seen them at Publix too) and I customized some blowouts with Madilyn’s initial.

I colored a giraffe pattern on a plain paper mache “M” from Joann’s. I plan to spray paint the letter pink and hang in her room afterward. The picture mats were on clearance at Joann’s. I believe I paid .25 for each! The party favor bags were filled with zoo animal goodies – zoo animal crackers, zoo silly bandz, Little Debbie zebra cakes and assorted lollipops 🙂

I failed to get a picture of the food table with the food on it! But I did want to get a picture of this garland which I made out of animal prints. It says “Happy Birthday!” if you can’t read it in the pic 🙂

Playing with the blowouts

So excited! Madilyn and Drew were two peas in a pod.

Sweet cousin Jaycie … Madilyn recently told her that she’s the “best” cousin!

Madilyn loves her Brock. She has always gravitated toward him like a big brother, ever since she was a baby.

Uncle John praying a special birthday blessing for Madilyn and the food

Baby Kate looked so cute in an animal mask. Madilyn loves Baby Kate and was so excited about packing her special party favor bag with goodies before the party.

The cake …. Madilyn wanted a “pink” cake so I ordered this from Publix with her name on it, then added the Madagascar animals and candles.

We decorated cookies during the party for fun. The kids did a great job and really had fun doing it.

Drew hard at work.

Madilyn’s dress was made by Caitlin’s mom, Mrs. Beth … It’s so beautiful! The zebra theme fit perfectly and she had an “M” embroidered on it.

Enjoying the fruits of her labor.

A job well done.

Even Mommy got into the act.

Brock and Jaycie are always such good sports about hanging out with the little kids and helping them have fun!

Baby Kate

Baby Dane

Uncle John and Baby Dane

Aunt Alison and Baby Kate

Daddy presented the cake while we sang “Happy Birthday.”

The moment she’s been waiting for all year!

Her eyes were so big!

Making and wish and blowing out the candles…

just a little taste

Presents time!

Purple crayola backpack from the Crayola Factory in PA

A giant Dora coloring book from Aunt Candice!

A cash register from Daddy and Mommy

Balloon fun with cousins

Baby Dane, practicing getting cuter every day

Brock so kindly put together Madilyn’s Tinker Bell scooter – a gift from the Michaels. Madilyn loves it!

At home with her butterfly balloon and Tinker Bell scooter

The night before Madilyn’s birthday she opened presents from Jeff and me and before her birthday party she opened some gifts from Nana, who is really upset that her “big” gift won’t arrive for a few weeks. But when it does, Madilyn will feel like it’s her birthday all over again!

Strawberry Shortcake doll

a pink “clu-clu-clock”

opening Nana’s gift – Tinkerbell!

Our neighbor brought over a sweet gift for Madilyn – a really cute dress. So thoughtful!

Macey is curious too!

And finally, some pictures from Sunday before church – the day before her birthday.

I’m so proud of my beautiful girl and thankful for her. She is growing up so fast and brings us so much happiness every day.