Picture Update

A couple of people reminded me I’ve neglected to post pictures on the blog …. so here are some photos and updates from June. Enjoy!

Fun with pacies!

A beautiful dress that my mom had made for Madilyn

ready for church on a wednesday night

We took pictures of a friend from church, and Madilyn was helpful as usual on the shoot!

A quick picture on a day at the park

Mommy and Madilyn at the park

Jeff and I went to a party for our friend Donny … a good time had by all 🙂

Madilyn gave Jeff a mini remote control helicopter for Father’s Day.

Madilyn started attending Sunday School this month. One Sunday they asked for the kids to come dressed as animals on Noah’s Ark. Madilyn said she wanted to be a butterfly!

Madilyn’s Sunday School class

Madilyn’s cute kitty dress from Nana … before Eleanor’s graduation party

Brandee holding Madilyn at Eleanor’s grad party

Madilyn last night on the way to Baby Dane’s first birthday party. Dress from Nana!

Baby Dane eating his birthday cake

Madilyn and Daddy

We had a great time celebrating Baby Dane’s birthday!