Spring Break

Jeff was on spring break this week (Madilyn has it next week). He was busy demo-ing our bathroom for an upcoming renovation. Our friend Rodney and his brave men did some fixes to our back porch and front entry. It’s so nice! They’re going to update our bathroom once Jeff tears out what’s in there now. Jeff also bagged up like 13 bags of leafs and brush from the back yard. He worked hard!

On the first day of Jeff’s spring break, Madilyn begged him to “build a cake” with her. A pink cake with pink frosting, of course. And he did! She wanted candles and sprinkles too, so we went the whole 9 yards and sang happy birthday to her although her birthday isn’t until July.

We took some photos of our friend Dylan who is graduating from high school, so a few of those photos are below.

I had Madilyn stuff her own Easter eggs for the various hunts she has this weekend. She did a great job!

She also debuted a new pair of shoes that her Nana bought for her. They are very sparkly.

We had some friends over Thursday night and one of them, Peter, was surprised with a birthday gift from the Hawthornes. Tons of fun.

Friday we took a drive over to the beach. Madilyn had a blast! This weekend we have lots of Easter goodness in store.