A Day in Winter Garden

Jeff, Madilyn and I spent a leisurely Saturday in a little neighboring town called Winter Garden. They have a budding farmer’s market, some great restaurants and a big playground at the West Orange Trail entrance. Madilyn met and fed some talking birds at the farmer’s market, then we had sweet treats from the French bakery and enjoyed walking through the town. After working up an appetite on the playground we stopped at an old-fashioned ice cream shop for sandwiches and hot dogs and ate on tables with checkerboards. Later that night after we came home and took a nap, we went out to Rita’s for free Italian Ice in honor of the first day of spring! Madilyn brought her acorn collection and displayed them on her princess tea tray … you know, just because.

Madilyn Models The Pink Blueberry

My ultra-talented friend Beth Stitt, of the Pink Blueberry, asked Madilyn to join her daughter Caitlin on a photoshoot of some of her new designs. We had a blast taking pictures at the Springs subdivision. Beth was such a pro at getting big smiles and fun laughs out of the girls, and the hats and clothes … oh.my. Simply gorgeous. Order through her Facebook page.

See all the photos here.

See all the photos here.

Happy St. Patty’s Day (Almost)

I used these cute printables for St. Patrick’s Day buttons that I attached to bags of shortbread cookies for Madilyn’s class and her cousins.

Here’s Madilyn in her green on Sunday.

Saturday she went to a super fun 4th birthday party for her new friend Caitlin. We had a blast! We are going to do some pictures of Madilyn and Caitlin modeling her Mommy’s latest creations for sale. I’ll let you in on the results!

Wacky Wild Day #2

Madilyn had another Wacky Wild party day at school today. Here’s outfit #2. After work Jeff took Madilyn on a Daddy-daughter date to Dairy Queen. Madilyn said it was the “best dinner” she’s “ever had.” Gee thanks! 🙂 She’s eating a plain pancake in the picture above, if you’re wondering.

Meanwhile, I was at my friend Abranda’s baby shower at her lovely mother-in-law’s lovely house. We had a great time.

Wacky Wild Day & a Castle

Madilyn’s school had Wacky Wild Day …. the room was decorated like a carnival and they played games. Everyone came dressed wacky. It was a super silly day!

We also worked on Madilyn’s room a little this weekend and decided to turn the bed longways and added an Ikea canopy. She laid under it looking up for a long time and said it was a castle. She is a princess for sure.