Update from Nana’s

I didn’t realize I was getting so behind on updating the blog with pictures. Madilyn and I flew to Mom’s house Monday to spend the week here. We are missing Jeff but having a good time with family.

On the way to the airport Madilyn said she was hungry, so I stopped at the first fast food place off the interstate. It was Wendy’s. I split a plain cheeseburger with her. I wrapped hers halfway in a napkin to hold and gave it to her. She looked at it and said, “I want Chick-Fil-A.” Can’t fool her! I’ll admit the burger looked pretty gross and it will be the last time I get one from there for a long time. Not to mention how overpriced it was.

Anyway ….

Monday was Madilyn’s first time to fly over 2 years old so we had to buy a ticket for her. We also used the car seat on the plane so I used her stroller to get the car seat to the gate. So … she had to walk. Not only that, but I didn’t check in luggage (to save $40) so I asked Madilyn to roll her Dora luggage – and she did! It was the cutest thing I have ever seen in my life. Lots of people commented on how cute she was. She was so serious about her task. She was proud of herself. I bragged on her big time. She was a big help! Still, getting 3 bags, 1 pillow, 1 stroller, 1 car seat, 1 2-year-old and myself on the plane was no small task. We handled it though.

Mom (Nana) has her Christmas decorations up already and Madilyn has thoroughly enjoyed them. She can’t get over the Christmas tree and all the intricate ornaments. Mom has dozens of Hallmark figurine ornaments. She calls them “peoples.” She stares and touches and stares and touches. She’s doing a great job of not destroying it though.

She is having a great time with her Uncle Chris. She said, “Uncle Chris loves me.” That is the truth, baby girl. We all love you!

We visited Mammaw on the way home from the airport and she gave Madilyn an early Christmas present: a sleeping bag. Madilyn has been using her pillow like a sleeping bag, so we thought she would really enjoy a sleeping bag. She got right in it and pretended to sleep. Then she put her stuffed animals in it and pretended they were sleeping.

Here are pictures from the weekend through this week. Enjoy! Click on the pictures – some of them have longer captions.

Rollin’ on a River ….

Jeff planned a day cruise and lunch to celebrate our six years of holy matrimony. We enjoyed some time away, and to be honest … we go so relaxed we had trouble staying awake! It was a beautiful, lazy day on the river. We enjoyed good food and good conversation – and of course, a lot of people watching. A great way to commemorate another year together.

Week in Review … or, The Longest Post Ever

Well, where to begin …. Nana went home on Thursday and we were very sad. But we were also very happy that she was able to stay with us two weeks. With me being sick then pulling a muscle in my back (then having a reaction to the medication….!!) we really needed the extra help.

Madilyn is out of school next week so I decided we need more Nana time! We’re flying up to her house for the week. Jeff is working here in town so we will miss him over the holiday.

BUT this Sunday he planned something special for the two of us. It’s our sixth wedding anniversary. Amazing.

Back to the pictures … here we are decorating pumpkin cookies Thursday night. So fun!

Enjoying the fruits of our labor …

After the cookie fun, Daddy took Madilyn to a school play where he works. She wore a fun knit hat.

The day before was his school’s annual “Teach-In,” where local professionals come and speak to students about what they do. Jeff organizes it each year. This year he asked yours truly to speak. Not only that, but his brother Gordy and sister-in-law Alison came to speak too! We had a fun morning. Here’s a shot of the principal welcoming us. Who’s that stylish, beautiful woman in the corner? Oh wait … that’s me!

That night Nana gave Madilyn an early Christmas gift. A pretty, soft bear that Madilyn was certain was a monkey instead. Some things we just let ride ….

Then, rewinding back to the Friday night before, here’s a picture of the fabulous women who put on a baby shower for Tracy. This was the day I had gone to the doctor about my back hurting. He prescribed a muscle relaxer that I took when I got home from the baby shower. I had a reaction to it and had muscle spasms in my back and side for 8 hours straight. Not sure I’ve ever been more uncomfortable for such an extended period of time outside of labor. Thankfully I started feeling much better the next day and have been doing well since!

Lastly, here are some photos I took of Miss Madilyn this morning. I cannot believe how fast my little girl is growing up right in front of my eyes. She’s so big! And she’s such a little person it’s unbelievable. I love talking with her, and I especially love to hear her talking when she’s playing. It’s adorable. She’s been throwing quite a few fits lately … just testing the boundaries I’m sure. It’s all part of it.

Yeah, she knows it.

My beauty.

That’s it for now. Adios … see you next week!

I’m Dreaming of a Pink Christmas


Nana and I got Madilyn a pink Christmas tree yesterday. Daddy put it together and she decorated it tonight when Mimi came over for a visit. Madilyn was very diligent about her task and did a stellar job. It looks so pretty in her purple, pink and green bedroom!

Daddy and Madilyn working on the tree




She is so proud of her tree!

what a great picture Daddy took. Sweet hands checking out her new ornaments.


A Bib & Bread

A guest minister preached about sharing our “bread” today and had the real thing as visual aid – a basket full of mini loaves of bread. While he preached Madilyn got into the diaper bag and pulled out her bib and put it on. All that talk about food made her hungry! She was ready for some bread! When the minister began throwing small loaves of bread out into the audience, the man behind us gave his to Madilyn and she went to town on it (by that time she had taken the bib off though). Girl don’t play around when it comes to food! We got a big kick out of her pulling out her bib.


with her beautiful Nana …

Madilyn’s First Theater Experience


Nana and I took Madilyn to her first theater-going experience: “If You Give a Cat a Cupcake” based on the book by Laura Numeroff, illustrated by Felicia Bond. Her Nana had given her the book and the stuffed animal a couple of days ago and she also wore a new kitty cat outfit to the play. It was a cute play, and Madilyn sat on the edge of her seat absolutely spellbound for a solid 30-40 minutes. Then she was ready to go home.

We kept her occupied until the play finished (it was an hour long total). We went with our friends’ playgroup from the Fawn store in Sanford. We had center seats on the very back row but they were good seats since it’s a small theater. I was proud of Madilyn for sitting through the whole play! She sat on my lap during the parts when the lights were low, but overall she was a very respectful theater goer.

On the way home we stopped by Publix for a few groceries and Nana got Madilyn a sugar cookie with sprinkles on it from the bakery (sprinkles play a major part of the story on said cupcake). So now she knows how sprinkles taste. When she came home she told her Daddy that she had been to a “kitty cat show” where a cat ate a “cupcake with sprinkles.” It was a very accurate review.



Nana’s Coming to Town!

Nana’s coming to town! We are excited about picking her up from the airport tonight. She’ll be here a week and a half and we have lots of fun things planned.

Madilyn’s been battling a cold this week so we hope she gets better soon so she can enjoy her Nana being here. She wasn’t able to go to school this week and Mommy’s feeling a little crazy!

Madilyn helped Mommy decorate Halloween cupcakes Saturday.

Jeff drinking from Madilyn’s sippy cup … Sometimes you gotta use whatever’s not dirty.