Trunk-er-Treat 2009

We enjoyed the Mt. Dora Arts & Crafts Festival this morning with Madilyn’s Aunt Pam, Mimi and cousin Dawn who’s visiting from Maryland. It was so hot and we got a little sun, but the shopping was good.

Madilyn was so excited about Trunk-er-Treat tonight that she couldn’t sleep this afternoon. She couldn’t wait to be Minnie Mouse. So the time finally came for her to put on her costume and she said she felt like a beautiful princess. Her favorite part of the costume was the “big ears.”

She got the hang of trick-or-treating very quickly and was so excited about all the candy she acquired in her new Halloween bag. She loved the music and did a lot of dancing. She also downed an entire corndog. Girl can eat.

We had fun with family and friends. I love all the creativity that goes into this event every year. Jeff took some great pictures as usual, and you can see them here. Here are a few of Madilyn and us. Enjoy!










Pumpkin Carving

We attempted our first pumpkin carving with Madilyn this year. “Yucky” were her sentiments. I don’t blame her. Daddy did an expert job at carving the face of the gourd, affectionately known as “Elvis,” as Jeff named him. Here’s a recap in photos.

You gotta have the right shirt on for pumpkin carving …

preparing to carve ...

preparing to carve ...

not so sure about seeing the innards …

harder than it looks…

not impressed with the seeds

all clean!


almost finished…just needs….eyebrows!



Our house smells of pumpkin, but not the good-smelling kind. It was fun … now we’re all ready for Halloween!

Twitter Pajamas

With our first little cold snap here in Florida, we’re slowing starting to pull our our fall and winter gear. I got out some new pajamas from Old Navy for Madilyn and I noticed they say “Tweet Me Nice” on the front with a bunch of little birds, so I’m calling them her Twitter Pajamas. And of course you can’t see that in these photos, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.




All attitude!

A Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

Daddy had the day off from work so we joined the POA Mom’s Group for a morning at the pumpkin patch. We played games, sang songs, read stories, and of course handled some pumpkins! Madilyn enjoyed being with her friends from church and got to bring home a little pumpkin and a goodie bag. We had a great day!

Here are a few pictures, but you can see all 60 on our Picasa page (or in my Facebook album).









Jeff is a rock star…

Jeff is a rock star who passed the infamous “in-basket exercise” I wrote about a few weeks ago. The final step in the Assistant Principal Pool process is a hour-long Ventures for Excellence Interview, which I think should be renamed “Adventures in Excellence,” because that sounds so much more fun. But they didn’t ask me.

So Jeff’s going to schedule that next week. We appreciate all those who have been praying for Jeff. Keep it coming, and we’ll keep you posted. Oh, and I’ve already bought Jeff two celebratory suits on sale at Dillard’s for when he lands that big-time executive AP job!