The Cutest Things

Here are some cute things Madilyn has done that I’m not sure if I’ve put on the blog yet:

• When she finds a hair … well, first of all, she can usually tell if it’s hers or mine due to the length … she’ll announce whose hair it is then if it’s hers, she’ll put it on top of her head (as if it will reroot), if it’s mine she’ll bring it to me. Gee, thanks!

• Madilyn uses her hands to eat yogurt, although she’s fully capable of using a spoon. Yes, it’s my fault for letting her do this, but normally I’m working at the computer and not really paying attention. Like right now.

• Sunday Madilyn was talking about her cousins whom we were about to see at church and said, “Brock, Sissy and Drew make me happy.” So sweet!

• Madilyn is using adjectives like beautiful and pretty now. She also uses the adverb “very” a lot. Everything’s “very hot” or “very good.”

• She likes to do as much as she can on her own and if you ask her, “Can I help you?” She’ll say, “No, my help you,” which means, “I’ll help myself!”

• She’s learning to sing along to the Wonder Pets soundtrack we play in the car. I think she seriously knows more of the words than I do. It’s so sweet to hear her sing.

• One of the funniest things she does right now is hard to describe. You’d have to hear it. If she’s in another room and I want to check on her, I’ll say, “You OK?” She’ll reply at the top of her lungs, “YEAH I’M OK YEAH I OK SURE MOM I OK” with like four or five indiscernible words thrown in the mix.

A New Lens

I’ve been researching camera settings and lenses to help us take better photos – especially at church where lighting is a challenge. I got my new lens in the mail yesterday and took some test shots. Here’s what I came up with. Madilyn’s working a puzzle on the end table next to the couch. I’m excited to test out the camera at our church conference this weekend.


Pix from the Weekend

I found Madilyn in the kitchen pulling out soup cans. She said she was making dinner.

Madilyn wore a peach dress from Old Navy Sunday morning.

Jeff gives Madilyn a ride on the hand truck.

Here are a few pix from my phone from Hilton Head:

The sunset at Harbor Town

Nana and Madilyn at Uncle Bubba’s restaurant

Strawberry Shortcake

Mom’s dessert: Key Lime Pie — hands down the best I’ve ever tasted

Hilton Head, Part 2

We’re continuing to have a good time on Hilton Head Island with our family and friends. Last night we went to Harbor Town and ate at Crazy Crab, then walked down the pier by the lighthouse and watched the sun set. Beautiful!

This evening we ate at our friend’s condo, fed the ducks, then took a walk on the beach. Such beautiful weather here and a relaxing time. Thankful.

Hilton Head – Labor Day Weekend

Some pix from our trip so far to Hilton Head island over Labor Day with Nana, my Aunt Cindy and Uncle David and their granddaughter, Jorah. Pat, Patricia and Brenda are also here and we’re having a blast.

Mom and Madilyn, day one at Hilton Head

Jorah and Madilyn coloring

Jorah and Madilyn walking down the street in Savannah, GA

Mom and me at a square in downtown Savannah

Jorah, Madilyn and me

so tempting to jump in

finally realized the camera lens was smudged and cleaned it

The Lady and Sons


waiting for our names to be called to eat

finished eating!

The beach on Hilton Head. It was so windy Madilyn’s tent was more like a kite.

Wearing Daddy’s glasses

Exhausted after an afternoon on the beach.

in the van



Madilyn is suffering through a cold and fever this week. Here she is resting up and managing a smile. The scratch on her face was self-induced in a miserable fit yesterday after we left the doctor’s office!