Post-birthday week

Madilyn and I before church on her 2nd birthday wearing a cute outfit from Nana. I look like a flight attendant.

Nana, Madilyn and I walking into church

Madilyn playing with the sand and water table Mimi gave her for her birthday

Playing with a Dora balloon from her cousins

Wearing the cute horse purse Mimi got her for her birthday

Getting her groove on with daddy’s ear buds

We can buy her all the toys in the world but it’s the simple things that entertain the most — pots and pans and a silly daddy!

I haven’t posted much lately, but mostly Nana plays with and watches Madilyn and I work … it’s been nice to get caught up a bit. Jeff is back at work too.

We received the news last night that our friend Cory finally won his fight over cancer. He was 31 years old. I’ve written some thought about our history together on my other blog.

Madilyn’s 2nd Birthday

Madilyn turns 2 tomorrow and we celebrated with a little party today.


Lollipops, ribbon, jelly beans, cupcakes and a big “Dora, Dora” doll.


Nana got Madilyn a table and chairs for her birthday.




Daddy the Explorer






Aunt Pam and brand new Baby Dane


Ginger and Tommy


Aunt Alison, Uncle Gordy and Baby Kate

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Madilyn's 2nd Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Mammaw Lou!

Mammaw Lou turned 84 on July 5, and she waited to celebrate until this week, as Jeff, Madilyn and I had an opportunity to come up for a visit.

We had a lot of family in town, including my cousin Tessa and her husband Spencer, who live in Michigan, my cousin Denny and Alonna’s kids who live in Nashville.

Most of my aunts and uncles and cousins and grandkids were there to celebrate with an early evening finger-food fest. We had a relaxing time outside and the kids played so hard in the spacious yard. It brought back a lot of memories of when my cousins and I used to do the same thing!

Twelve great-grandchildren there ages 1-11 (with one turning 12 and another (Madilyn) turning 2 this weekend). One for each age! How unique is that?




A beautiful and fun bunch.

More pictures are on our Picasa page. Just click the box below.

Mammaw Lou's 84th Birthday

Get Well Soon, Drew

Madilyn’s cousin Drew took a nasty spill off of his pool’s slide steps (about five steps up). He got a deep gash in his forehead and was taken by ambulance to the hospital. He has nine stitches and is having to take it easy for a while. Here’s Madilyn making a get-well card for her cousin “Boo.”


Nana’s Room

Madilyn trying on Mama’s glasses…

Did a mini-DIY project this weekend. I took a cork board that I bought for $1 at a garage sale and wrapped it in a portion of remnant fabric I bought for $3. Used a staple gun to fix it to the back and Jeff made a wire hanging. Now we have a cute memory board that coordinates with our living room. I just ordered a picture of Baby Dane to add to it!


Nana is coming to visit next week for Madilyn’s birthday and she’s staying a couple weeks. Jeff and I worked on her room yesterday. I took that TV and mirror that I bought from Habitat for Humanity’s ReStore and put it in her room, rearranged things a bit (including the closet, which is full of Madilyn’s stuff!)




I love how this turned out to be a “heritage” room with all the family photos on the ledge and more antiquey-country things.

Oh! Also, I used Magic Eraser sponge on the walls (they had scuffs on them when we moved here) and now it looks like we have brand new paint on the walls!

An update on Gram: Ginger called today to say that Grandma’s doctor found a blood clot in her knee when she went back home. Prayers appreciated as they try to eliminate that and get Gram back on her feet (literally!).

Estate Sale, Thrift Store Shopping and Cardboard Houses

Not much to blog about lately and no fun photos! We’ll have to make up for that this weekend. Jeff’s had an easier schedule at school and has been a big help around the house this week too.

He took some old cardboard boxes and made a “choo-choo” for Madilyn to crawl through. She loved it, but by the end of the week we wanted our living room back so we tore it down last night.

I went to the Habitat for Humanity ReStore today in Apopka on Rock Springs Rd., and it was pretty cool. It was like a thrift store on one side and had odds and ends building materials on the other. Definitely worth a look if you have a DIY project. I bought a TV and a mirror from the thrift store. Great finds!

I also stopped by an estate sale off of Weikiva Springs Rd on our way home. I’ve never been to one of those so it was pretty interesting. I didn’t buy anything but I might go back Sunday when everything’s half off. If that baby grand piano is still there it will be hard to resist. Oh wait … I have no room for it. Or money! haha They had lots of antiques and an extensive gun collection. If you want directions, let me know. It was an older couple’s house – lots of clothes and linens and some furniture.

Nana is buying Madilyn a kid-sized table and chairs for her 2nd birthday coming up this week so we’re going to go pick it out tomorrow. Looking forward to a fun week ahead, and hopefully more blog updates!

Baby Dane

Jeff, Madilyn and I visited Pam and Baby Dane in the hospital last night. He is so adorable.


He makes little noises whenever someone around him talks. It’s so cute.



Jeff taught Madilyn how to say Baby Dane.



Baby Dane has a wacky uncle!

Update on Gram: Ginger and Aunt Pat took her to the doctor yesterday where they gave her a shot for the pain and drained some fluid off her knee. Aunt Pat booked a plane ticket for next Wednesday to take her back home. I think she’ll be happy to get back to the comforts of home and hopefully feel much better very soon.