Friends & Teeth

Madilyn had a rough weekend and was cranky and clingy. I didn’t realize what was going on until Sunday night. She has a new tooth breaking through! So looks like we’re about to enter a new phase of teething.

My dear friend Rose Pamer came in town this past weekend for a friend’s graduation. Rose is one of my most favorite people in the world. She has an infectiously friendly personality and is refreshingly down-to-earth. We got to spend breakfast together and caught up on our lives since we parted ways. I moved to her neck of the woods in Ohio after college graduation for an internship at Rose made me feel so welcome and I made a lot of fun memories with friends there.

Potty Time, Excellent!

We watched the Elmo Potty Time DVD that cousin Drew let us borrow. Madilyn put her dolly on the potty, then pointed to herself, so I put her on the potty. She pretended to go and then she was finished. It’s a good step! She sat on it several times today but so far we haven’t seen any “action.” It’ll happen though, I’m sure!


Earlier this week we visited our friends Abranda and Sydney who are watching baby Houston for Darrick and Manisha on some days. We had a great visit and play date, and I can’t believe all that Sydney can do and say! She’s an amazing little girl!

Sunday Outfits Update

A cute outfit totally handmade from one of mom’s friends. So sweet!

An adorable little number from Old Navy … this was a gift, I believe, for her birthday last year.


This is one of my eBay finds. I just love it. And look how cutely she posed for the pictures! I love her holding her sweet feet.


More pictures here.

Tonight we met Anna Grace, a sweet little girl who is just about 5 days younger than Madilyn. She lives in Kingsport with her mommy Heather and daddy Andy … we had a good time hanging out and hope we can do it again soon!