Madilyn’s Nicknames

Yesterday evening I was cleaning out some kitchen cabinets when I found this list that Jeff and I made last summer. We had so many nicknames for Madilyn then we thought it would make a funny blog post to name them all. Over several days we kept writing these names down that we called her. Then I misplaced the paper so I never got to post it. I found it and read it last night and realized that we don’t call her most of these names anymore, so I’m glad we made this list. Another memory for the blog! Here they are in no particular order:

  • Bright Eyes
    Blue Eyes
    My Sunshine*
    Blueberry Eyes
    Chicken (or The Little Chicken)
    Little Piglet
    Pumpkin Pie
  • * These are the nicknames we still refer to her as. I’m sure we have new ones now too. When you love someone so much … just saying their name isn’t enough!

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