This week and next …

Last Saturday we enjoyed a nice lunch with Pam at the Garden Gate Tea Room and she opened some presents for Dane from some close friends and family. We are looking forward to his arrival, but none of us more than Pam! She is scheduled to have him on June 25, so that’s the date we’re anticipating unless Dane has other plans.

Madilyn loves Daddy’s iPod and putting the ear buds in her ears.

I took a picture of my neck without the bandage and it’s pretty gnarly looking so I won’t post it. I was really shocked the first time I took it off. It’s really long, and you now how black stitches make it look even scarier. They cut like an oblong shape out of the side my neck, then pulled it together in a straight line, so essentially I got a free neck lift, right?

I am feeling good though and not in pain. I also went to the doctor this week because I’ve been dizzy for a week and a half. He said it’s positional vertigo. Basically, anytime I look down or to the left, I get dizzy. It’s super annoying but I’m glad he doesn’t think it’s serious. It is doing better, and with me not being able to turn my neck much anyway, it helps curb the dizziness. 🙂

Big thanks to Mimi and Gram who kept Madilyn all day Tuesday for my surgery. Madilyn was up at her cousins’ house and had a blast with them. We’ll have dinner with Mimi and Gram tonight so they can see her before we leave tomorrow.

Madilyn and I are headed to Nana’s house Saturday! We are looking forward to our visit with her, Uncle Chris, Mammaw and the family. We also plan to visit with some friends as well. Next Thursday is the one-year anniversary of my dad passing away so I wanted to be in town with the family for that milestone.

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