Bye-Bye School!

Madilyn’s last day of Mother’s Day Out was Friday. They follow a school schedule, so they’re out for the summer. But we plan on putting her back in the fall. She and I both enjoyed it!

On their last day they enjoyed water games and pizza. When I picked her up she was wearing a shirt they each made in class with each child’s handprint and name. Madilyn was quick to point out that hers was in “yellow!” On the back it says “MDO 2009” and her teachers’ names, Ms. Elia and Ms. Kristi and their helper, Christine. I had to snap a picture of Madilyn with her beloved teachers when I picked her up.




Madilyn enjoyed a goodie bag filled with their water day luau-themed treats.

Madilyn’s 1st Class Pic

Madilyn’s Mother’s Day Out program does “class pictures” each year. I laughed so hard when I first saw it. I had to buy it. It was so cute. It’s hard to tell in this scan, but her cheeks are as red as fire and her hair is wet from playing so hard outside. Not only that, but not a single one of the kids is looking at the camera. The program director said they were trying everything but standing on their heads to get those kids to smile. What a set of little cuties.


Memorial Day Weekend Bash

We gathered with family and friends at John and Pam’s house today to celebrate her birthday and Memorial Day weekend combined. We stayed all day and had a blast. Madilyn was absolutely thrilled to spend time and play with her cousins. She is worn out.

We enjoyed a brief reprieve from all the rain and the kids got some pool time and played outdoors. We ate some wonderful food (twice) and cake (twice) and enjoyed hanging out with Pam’s best friend from high school and her family, who recently moved back to the area. We also watched Mall Cop (cute). A great day!

Here she is with her swim diaper peeking out her swimsuit. So cute!


More photos are on our Picasa page. Just click the box below:

Memorial Day Weekend

First Oreo Cookie

Last Sunday Madilyn had what I think is her first Oreo cookie. A milestone, right? Amazingly, she opened the cookie to eat the filling first. Are we humans just born with the innate knowledge to do that? Here we are at Firehouse after church with Mimi.


Thursday we stopped by Daddy’s work for a quick visit and to drop off some white chocolate and macadamia nut cookies for an after-school function. He didn’t bring any leftovers home, so I think they were a hit. What a sweet picture!


Imagination at Work

Madilyn’s imagination is growing by leaps and bounds. She loves playing with her toys. Here she is sitting Tigger in a little chair and preparing some “num-nums” for him on a plate.


She also wanted to wear her “coe” (coat) that “zipzips.” Here she is playing with an ear of corn which she thinks is a banana. She’s quick to tell point out the color yellow and to say she’s wearing a yellow bow!


Wednesday as we were leaving for Mother’s Day Out, Madilyn wanted to bring her Hello Kitty purse. I let her, thinking she would leave it in the car. When we got to school she was adamant about bringing it inside. Again, I let her thinking she would leave it in her cubby with her lunch bag. She didn’t.

When I came to pick her up, the door was closed to the room so I peeked in the window to watch her. The kids were kind of running around and there was Madilyn with that purse still on her arm. It slides down to her elbow and she lifts up her arm and holds it there to keep the purse on. A little boy was going past her and Madilyn grabbed her purse and clubbed him! He took the lick and kept on running. It was hilarious. The teachers didn’t catch it, but they did said that she had carried her purse on her arm ALL morning. She is a funny girl! (And yes, I gave her a little lecture about not hitting people with her purse.)

When I told Jeff about it, all he could think about was the “Laugh-In” sketch by Ruth Buzzi where she clobbers people with her purse!

Derm Update

I had the roots to the two precancerous moles removed today. So I have bigger cuts and more stitches but by now it’s become old hat! The doctor explained the biopsy results better concerning my neck. He said they did not find any melanoma there but sometimes melanoma behaves like this area looks (with the white halo) so they are going to remove the entire area to test and make sure none of it is there. Because the neck is a tricky area to operate on because of the nerve centers and arteries, they are going to have their head surgeon do it to make sure there are no surprises! So all in all I feel better about that report and am believing for completely healthy lab results on all three of these areas. Thanks for your prayers!

Swimming with the Polar Bears

Our swim school has a policy that they’ll do the lesson even if it’s raining, so long as there’s not lightening in the area. Well, the rain wasn’t the problem. It’s the FREEZING COLD WATER. It’s like 75 degrees outside plus the rain makes the water a little on the frigid side. Poor little Madilyn’s teeth were chattering the whole time. They give little wetsuits to the kids, but the mamas have to just freeze.

Here she is as we arrived at the pool today. She’s doing great!


Happy Eater

Madilyn is a great eater. There are few things she won’t eat and even fewer things she won’t even try. She’s not crazy about eggs, and some meat, which I imagine are hard to chew. She loves fruit and cheese and bread. Perhaps she has some French in her blood.

She’s using forks and spoons and feeds herself almost exclusively. Lately we have discovered that she loves ravioli, so at least once a week we have it. When I take her to Mother’s Day Out I have to pack her lunch as they eat it there. I normally pack an Uncrustable sandwich, grapes and cheese. For breakfast she normally has a whole banana, and sometimes some dry Cheerios.