High Heels


Madilyn is infatuated with shoes. Whenever we can make a break for it, she’ll go closet-diving and come up with something fun to wear. Here she is wearing some of my sandals (on the wrong feet of course) – posing like a beauty queen. I remember wearing these when I was pregnant with her. Actually, I wore these shoes the day of our two baby showers, two months before my due date. My feet swelled that day and stayed swollen until two weeks after I gave birth!

Little Leaguing It

Madilyn and I went to check out simultaneous Little League games that Brock and Jaycie were playing tonight. Jaycie’s opposing team forfeited so just Brock had a game. And somehow I didn’t get a picture of him. Madilyn enjoyed seeing her cousins Bock, Sissy, Boo … and Mimi, Uncle John and Aunt Pam. She calls her “Mom”!! I am “Mama” and I guess she hears the kids calling her “Mom” so that’s what she is. It was so cute. Aunt Pam had a lollipop and Madilyn was practically drooling over it, so I bought her one. She loved it! Here she is with a mouth full of fruit from Chick-fil-a.





Baby Kate’s Dedication

Today was Baby Kate’s dedication at church. Each year once a year the pastor delivers a special message about teaching our children about God and then invites the new babies and their families to come up for a special prayer of blessing and dedication. I can’t believe that just a year ago we were doing this for Madilyn.

Baby Kate looked so sweet and slept most of the time. Her family looked so sharp. I was proud just to be part of it! Jeff took pictures. If you want to see the whole set, head on over to thepentecostals.com.



Baby Kate’s great-grandparents came in for this special occasion, and Grandma Millie was there as well. Such a proud day! Alison’s grandfather and Gordy’s grandmother are just two weeks apart in age – they were born the year women gained the right to vote, 1920.

We missed John and Pam and the kids, but Pam is having some special tests done for the pregnancy tomorrow that she had to prepare for today. They were able to watch the service from our live broadcast through the church website, and even some family up in PA were able to watch it as well! I love that. (Our live broadcast is Sundays at 10 a.m. and 6:30 p.m.)

After church we went to eat at Macaroni Grill and enjoyed good times and good food. Jeff couldn’t resist taking a picture of this, which we saw on our way out:



I’ve been noticing lately how much Madilyn is changing. Obviously she changes all the time because she’s growing so fast, but every few months we notice that she has dramatically changed. I’m thinking that now. Here she is the other day. Her features are getting leaner. Such a beauty.


Here’s a pic I tried to take of us today before we left for Sydney’s party. We didn’t quite get the angle right. And yes, we’re both white as ghosts and shall remain that way!

Sydney’s 2nd Birthday Party

Madilyn went to Sydney‘s 2nd birthday party today — a fun time was had by all. Madilyn loved playing in the water, which makes me wonder why she hates bath time now? Maybe today will have helped her remember all the fun it used to be … *sigh*

Here’s the birthday girl.

When Madilyn wasn’t playing in the water or eating Doritos! she was playing in the bubbles flying through the air thanks to the bubble machine.

Lots more photos on our Picasa page.

Fun with Hats


Jeff put his hat and sunglasses on Madilyn when he came home today for a quick hello before leaving again to work a ball game at school.


Then she checked out my new hat that I bought today to protect me better from the sun. I had some suspicious moles removed today and more scheduled to be removed … with the family history we don’t want to take any changes. (I wrote more about it on my blog.) If you have moles (and who doesn’t) please visit a dermatologist to have them regularly checked.

Miss Madilyn has broken out with every sunscreen we’ve tried on her — and we’ve tried the baby kind, the pure & natural kind, etc. The dermatologist gave me some Aveeno Baby to try. Other than that, we can try straight zinc oxide and just keep her out of the sun as much as possible.

We are looking forward to the weekend. How about you?

Ponytails and Purses

Madilyn loves purses. Ever since she was old enough to walk she would gather all her purses on her arm and walk around with them. Now when she sees us gathering our bags to leave (we usually have three: the diaper bag, my purse and the camera bag), she goes and gets 3-4 purses and puts them on her arm. She grabbed this purse tonight as we were headed out to church.

There was no nursery worker at church tonight so Madilyn stayed in the sanctuary with us. And I can’t believe how well she did! She unpacked our diaper bag item by item and that kept her quiet and busy. Jeff did have to take her out a few minutes early but all in all, she did great.

Tammy and the girls put Madilyn’s hair in ponytails yesterday when they kept her for me during a doctor appointment, and I thought it looked so cute, so I tried it again with her cute dress she got as a gift on her birthday. Here she is before we left.


Jonny Lang – I Believe HD 1080p

Can’t have too much Jonny Lang! This new album (sold at Wal-Mart — you can buy it online at their site for $10 including shipping) also features a song by Michael McDonald. My favorite singers singing gospel music on the same album. Divine!