More Visitors

Mima, Millie, Aunt Pam and cousins Jaycie and Drew came to visit their poor Uncle Jeff last night. They brought books and cookies! The kids played a few minutes outside, and Madilyn was beside herself with excitement. It took a while for her to calm down after they left.

Jeff is doing well … he’s just so over this whole thing and is ready to get well. Tomorrow the “packing” comes out, which doesn’t sound fun at all.



The Patient: Day 2

Jeff had a great morning. He is really tired this evening but he seems to be doing well and not in too much pain.

Here’s a pic of the patient today enjoying some day-old cold pizza and Sprite. His choice!


Gordy, Alison and baby Kate came to see us today and brought us lunch. We had a great time, and I can’t believe how much Kate is growing and changing. She’s a beauty. Gordy noticed something new Madilyn is doing. Ever so often she lets out this big dramatic sigh … guess who else does this and didn’t realize it until recently: me. It’s like a stress release valve. And, I also noticed that *my* mom does this too, so Madilyn gets it honest!

Mima and Gram left this morning but came back tonight to give us some lasagna and chocolate cupcakes from Pam. Delicious!

Calling in Reinforcements

Jeff underwent surgery today to fix his deviated septum. We arrived at the hospital at 11. They took him back for surgery at 1:40 and he was out by 2:30. I didn’t get to see him until 5:30 but he said he had been conscious since 4:15. The doctor said the surgery went perfectly and there was not a lot of bleeding, which is always the concern with a head surgery. We headed home soon after and got him settled in bed by 6:30.

Mima and Gram had Madilyn all day and she had a blast. She colored and played and sleep and ate and enjoyed her grandmothers. When they brought her to the house about 8 p.m., I held her and took her in to see her Da-da. He waved at her and I explained that Da-da has a boo-boo on his nose. She got pretty shy about it but you could tell she was glad to see her Da-da.

Everything was going fine until Jeff got up and decided to walk around! He took a third pain pill and nearly passed out. Thankfully he was close enough to the bed to hang out there until he could come through enough to sit up (he has to sit up in the bed because of where the surgery was). I called a neighbor who is a nurse and she came over to take his vitals and hang out to make sure he was okay.

Needless to say I’m a little on edge. I just go back and forth from Jeff’s room to Madilyn’s room (she’s sleeping in her big girl bed for the first time tonight!!) to make sure they’re both okay. Mima and Gram offered to come back over to spend the night and I gladly accepted. It is time to call in the reinforcements. This way I can stay with Jeff and I know Madilyn won’t freak out (or roll off the bed) if she wakes up.

Thanks for your prayers. We hear that the second day is worse so we’re bracing ourselves. It will make all the difference in the world to have Mima and Gram here helping with Madilyn.

Here are some before and after shots of Jeff’s surgery (taken with my cell phone).


Sydney & Madilyn

Madilyn’s friend Sydney came over this afternoon for a play date. We were horrified this weekend to hear the news that Sydney had been mauled by the family dog. It’s hard to tell the extent of the damage from this picture, but when I saw her today I teared up. Her mom Abranda said Sydney has been so tough. She is such a sweetheart, and I hope you’ll join me praying for her recovery. She had to undergo surgery to repair the cuts on her face and on her head. She will have one set of stitches removed at the end of this week, then the another set the following week.

Sydney & Madilyn played well together. They had a few bouts of arguing over toys, but that’s to be expected. We hope to have many more play dates now that it is warmer outside (I know, I know … we live in Florida, so it’s nearly always warm …)


More from TN

Madilyn and I made it home tonight from our trip to Nana’s. We are glad to be home but will miss Nana and our family.

In the airport today somehow a sliver of metal came off my barrette when I was fixing my hair and slid under my thumb nail. OUCH! It hurts so bad! Gotta figure out how to get this out.

Madilyn slept on the plane ride home and when we got to the airport in Sanford/Orlando, she started yelling, “Dada!” and looking everywhere for Jeff. Soon, Dada arrived and we enjoyed a little dinner outside at Panera, then Mima and Gram came over to the house to see us. We ate cake and then Madilyn was ready for “night, night.” Mima and Jeff think Madilyn grew taller this week. I wouldn’t doubt it. She is growing so fast.

We got her two new pairs of shoes on our trip and she loves one pair so much she doesn’t want to wear any others.

Apopka Fair & Nana’s House in TN

Madilyn tried to help Mommy with her coupons. They ended up in an enormous pile on the floor.

Who … me?

She loves her purses.

at the Apopka Fair


this just looked sweet and funny to me.


Madilyn looked like she wanted to try the slide. Maybe next year…

Madilyn made this stack of half & half by herself! We were at Cracker Barrel before leaving for the airport to come to TN.

at Nana’s house with her new purple jacket from Mima. She loves it!

hanging out in Nana’s closet

Uncle Chris taking Madilyn for a ride

Cousin Emma came over for a visit. They played well for the most part, then Madilyn got a little possessive of her toys.




New Teeth and New Hats

Sunday before church — good shot of Madilyn’s choppers!

Speaking of choppers, this was Madilyn on the way to the dentist office early Monday morning. She was not thrilled to wake up there. The dentist examined my teeth while Madilyn clung to my neck and draped over my body. She was not a happy camper. The dentist caught a few glimpses of Madilyn’s teeth as she “brushed” her teeth for him and he said all was well. All is well with mine too!

Madilyn found a new hat while Mommy was making dinner. I love those eyes!