It’s been a while….

It’s been a while since I’ve updated the blog. No great photos to post this time so I’ll just write an update. I found a nice Mother’s Day Out program that I’m enrolling Madilyn in next week. She’ll go to a local church two half days a week. I think she’ll really enjoy the added stimulation and socialization. And I’ll enjoy the break! This will allow me to work uninterrupted and/or run errands faster.

Jeff has a new added dimension to his job at Evans High. He is the new athletic director, in addition to the other roles he holds there. It’s going to be a challenge, especially because this will take him away from home for even more events, but he knows this will pay off in the long run.

I am going out of town for work for a couple days next week. Let’s see, what else ….. I received a copy of Southern Lady magazine yesterday in which I have a published article called “The Art of Gratitude.” I have written another article for them but this was the first one to be published, so that was encouraging. It’s a beautiful issue.

Jeff and I are going to a showing of Fireproof the movie at our church (in our new gymnasium) tonight. Our friend Shannon is coming over to watch the baby. I know Madilyn will enjoy her company. Madilyn is outside with Holly right now on her regular Friday afternoon visits.

Madilyn is talking more and more and seems to pick up a new word almost each day. She is using a spoon now and is no longer taking her milk in a bottle! This is a biggie because she has resisted milk in the sippy cup for a long time.

Last night Mima and Gram came over and Madilyn went up to Gram and wrapped her arms around her legs for a hug. So sweet. She is also trying to say Mima now but it sounds more like Mimi.

She is a tough cookie too. She is becoming rougher and more active, but rarely cries when she takes a spill or gets hurt. She is enjoying her outdoor playset and loves to swing and slide.

We are looking forward to a good weekend together and hopefully we’ll have new pics to post!

Valentine’s Weekend


Madilyn and Mommy got lots of nice presents for Valentine’s Day. Mommy ordered Daddy’s V-day gift and it didn’t come in time. *sniff* I got roses and chocolate and the baby got pajamas, a book and … an outdoor playset! We found the set on Craigslist and Daddy spent all day picking it up and putting it together. Madilyn got her first play out of it Sunday afternoon after church. She loved it! We have a couple of videos and more pictures here on our Picasa page.


Video here:

And another video here:

We spent Saturday evening with Gordy, Alison and Baby Kate. Madilyn checked her out pretty closely and patted her soft hair. She loves her new baby cousin.


Video here:

Speaking of cousins, Madilyn is learning to say her cousins’ names. She says “Boo” for “Drew,” “Bock” for “Brock” and “Cheese” for “Jaycie.” She’s doing great! It seems like she’s picking up a new word everyday. Saturday night she learned what a “boo-boo” is. She had one on her foot. Then she looked for boo-boos on me and found a little cut on my hand. Pretty soon I bet she’ll be wanting to break out the Band-Aids!

Madilyn’s hair has grown so much! I rolled it with sponge rollers, water, gel and a little hair spray tonight before church. She didn’t mind … let’s hope it stays that way!


Don’t forget to check out more pictures here on our Picasa page.

Friday Afternoons with Holly

Our good friend Holly DeVore from church is watching Madilyn on Friday afternoons now. This allows me to wrap up the week feeling like I accomplished something! I work, clean and run errands. Holly plays with her and teaches her new things. She loves her Friday afternoons with Holly. Every other week I take Madilyn to her house — so she gets to play with the rest of Holly’s family. I appreciate them allowing us to disrupt their afternoon!

Here’s a picture of Holly and Madilyn from Christmas at church.

Here is a picture of Madilyn at the DeVores house last week. Holly’s mom Tammy blogged about it and posted more pictures on her website.

The funny thing about those afternoons is that Madilyn gets too excited to take a nap, so she gets exhausted and crashes. Soon after Holly leaves, this is the scene:

Visiting Baby Kate

Madilyn and I visited Baby Kate for a few minutes today. One of the nurses referred to Madilyn as a “Winnie Palmer Graduate.” (Winnie Palmer is the hospital where Alison had the baby.) The pictures are on our Picasa page. This one is my favorite. That’s her great-grandmother Millie’s hand …


Battle of the Wills

Madilyn and I engaged in an epic battle of the wills last night. She is trying her best to climb out of the pack-n-play, where she sleeps at night. But the way that she’s doing it, she’ll plunge head-first into the wood floor. We’ve tried time out and spankings to curb the behavior, but she just laughs! Nothing seemed to get her … until … last night. I decided I would take away an item in her pack-n-play each time she tried to climb out. We started with the teddy bear, then the blanket, then the pacifer (which was just in the crib, not in her mouth), then the pillow.

Well, that did it! Madilyn went from smiles and laughs to horrified cries. She cried and she cried and she cried. I told her she could have them back if she lay down. I told her over and over and we know she understood. She refused to lie down. She cried until her hair and her pajamas were wet. She was wearing herself out, which I thought was good. Sooner or later she would lie down (lay vs. lie?), at least I thought. I don’t know how long this went on, but she got to the place where was holding herself up and her body was bent over. But she refused to let go. She was holding on with everything in her. We couldn’t help but look away and silently laugh. She is amazing.

Finally she dropped her her knees — still crying — but still refusing to lie down. I would lay her down and she would pop right back up. Over and over. Then, I got her to lie down for like 3 seconds, and I thought that was good enough, considering the circumstances, and gave her the pillow and pacifier back. She hit the pillow, exhausted, and with the silence of the pacifier was asleep within seconds.

So I don’t think she ever really gave in. What a strong-willed child. She knew exactly what she was doing. I’m thankful for that will. I know she will be a strong person. It’s just learning how to manage and discipline that — that’s our challenge as parents.

Welcome, Baby Kate

Jeff’s brother Gordy and his wife Alison welcomed baby Kate Finley Davis into this world early this evening (around 5:30 p.m.). She weighs 7 lbs., 11 oz., and is 20.5 inches long. We are so happy for their beautiful baby girl. She looks just perfect. Better photos are coming. This is just a quick one I snapped with my camera as we sneaked a peek at her. Both mom and baby are doing great!


Baby Central

We celebrated Alison’s birthday with a family dinner at Mima’s house on Sunday. We are expecting Alison to have her baby any day now. Madilyn will have a new baby cousin!

Madilyn’s Aunt Pam is also expecting a new little bundle of joy this July, which means another cousin for Madilyn! We are thrilled for our family and look forward to all fun that we’re going to have.

Our friends Kyle and Kristy Chowning, who had baby Savannah two days before we had Madilyn, welcomed baby Caleb into the world on January 9th. We look forward to meeting him the next time we visit Nashville.

We had a good January and are looking forward to a busy February. Jeff’s birthday is coming up on Monday and his Uncle Keith and Aunt Pat from Pennsylvania are coming down for a visit. Then it’s Valentine’s Day! Jeff is busy working after school events throughout the month … and I would say he’s looking forward to Spring Break in March, but he’s going to get a literal break, and that’s probably not going to be fun. Jeff is having his deviated septum surgery fixed. His girls will be here to take care of him and we look forward to him being well!