Still having fun

‘I’ve got teeth!’ She loves her toothbrush. If you notice, she still has one 1-year molar left to come in … looks painful!

Pretty new dress that also has a hat with it. I got it in PA during our visit there.

Mom put out the box from her new printer and Madilyn had more fun with it than her toys!

Time to relax

Before church Friday night (Madilyn’s coat was a gift from Kent and Nita Curry. It also has a beautiful hat with it).

Church was awesome! This was like a special fellowship rally with a youth focus. Madilyn loved the singing and signing and choreography and the general excitement. The cutest part was when she was laying in Nana’s arms taking her bottle and they began singing a low song. Madilyn closed her eyes and held her bottle with one hand, the other hand up in the air. She stayed like that the whole song!!


Madilyn somehow got the styrophome from the printer box all the way around her. She was running around so fast I couldn’t get a picture of her from the front!

24 Plane Rides

Mammaw, Mom, Madilyn and I are headed to the airport in the morning to fly to Tennessee. If my records serve me correctly, this will be Madilyn’s 24th plane ride. She is 18 months old. What a seasoned traveler!

We had a great time at home with Mom and Mammaw visiting. We went to the Garden Gate Tea Room in Mount Dora for lunch today and stopped by Pam’s house to see her and Drew. Madilyn did not want to leave. Tonight at church she reached for her Aunt Pam and quickly fell asleep in her arms and didn’t wake up until church was ending. She’s got the touch to say the least.

Here’s Miss Madilyn in a pretty knit dress with a horse on the front. More pictures are up at our Picasa page. We’ve been looking back at photos from the past year and a half and can’t believe how much she has changed and grown. She is definitely looking more and more like a sweet little girl instead of our sweet little baby girl.


Long Weekends, Motherly Brunches and Unexpected Surprises

Madilyn and me this past Saturday


Sunday I woke up to a phone call from Mom, who informed me that East Tennessee was covered in a thin sheet of ice. Wrecks everywhere, interstate closed … no way to get to the airport for the flight down here. I was so sad, so disappointed. I had been looking forward to their visit for so long. I channeled my excitement about their upcoming trip into a weekend marathon of cleaning. The house has never looked better. Jeff even painted a room and installed three new light fixtures. I had a brunch planned in their honor … the list goes on. It was the first time since my wedding that Mammaw had been here. She was going to see my house! My grown-up adult house! Needless to say I was really low after her call. So was she. I prayed for God to increase the temperature there. I figured He formed the worlds, surely He could make the temperature go up a couple of degrees.

Jeff and I went to church. I prayed some more (mostly for more important needs than my own) and right as church ended I got a call from Mom that the temperature indeed has risen, the ice melted and that they were in route to the airport. Hooray!!! Time to get excited again!

We picked them up from the airport late that afternoon and Madilyn walked up to her Nana and reached for her. This is a big milestone for her! Nana was thrilled. Madilyn held Mammaw’s hand in the car and has done so in car rides since. So sweet.

We grabbed dinner at Cracker Barrel (where else?) I ordered a grilled chicken salad and when it came to the table, the chicken was undercooked and still pink. I brought it to the waitresses’ attention who immediately went white and began profusely apologizing. She turned the corner into the kitchen and began SCREAMING for a manager. He came out and apologized like thirty more times, comped my meal and brought out another salad with the chicken cooked to perfection. I remarked at how quickly they turned that around and he said, “We don’t mess around, especially when we screw up.” hahahah Hilarious! I don’t know if he meant it the way it sounded, but it was funny.

Monday was MLK, Jr., Day so Jeff and his mom were out of school. With Jeff’s grandmother in town, it was the perfect occasion to get both of Madilyn’s grandmothers and great-grandmothers together. We put together a little brunch for them that morning and had a great time. My mother-in-law Ginger made her delicious pineapple soufflĂ© and we had an assortment of breakfast foods and goodies. We took some group photos first (which you can see on our Picasa page), followed by brunch and ending with a letter that I read. I wrote the letter to Madilyn (for her to read one day when she’s older) and told her about the day and described one unique characteristic about each of the women there. I made it through the letter without crying and gave copies to each of the women. It was a neat morning.


And I haven’t even mentioned that Monday was Madilyn’s half birthday. She is 18 months old … or as I guess I should start referring to her as, 1-and-a-half. Unbelievable.

Monday night, Mom, Mammaw, Madilyn and me (that’s a lot of M’s) went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. On the way there I noticed a truck that veered off to the right side of the road before jumping back on it after running into the curb. He was just two vehicles in front of us. I slowed down and kept my eye on him … he was drifting all the way across the road — across the median and across the other oncoming two lanes of traffic. Then — WHAM! — he slammed right into a power line pole, causing the transformers to bust or whatever they do. I grabbed my cell and called 911 immediately. I was the first caller to report the accident, although lots of cars were stopping and I’m sure ended up calling 911. I gave the dispatcher our location and described the incident. Meanwhile other transformers were exploding over us (I’m still driving forward … I didn’t stop) raining down sparks around us. It was wild! I said a prayer for the man at dinner. He must have been unconscious to wreck like that. So sad. I hope he’s okay.

We got some sad news about a friend of mine who I consider my cousin (he’s actually my cousin’s brother-in-law … I’ve known him since we were kids though). Cory is 31 and had a little boy and a baby girl and is married to a great girl named Gina who I’ve known just as long. He’s been diagnosed with colon cancer. He lives in Michigian, but was diagnosed in Tennessee, where he was visiting, and was sent to Cleveland for surgery. Today we heard a more positive report from the doctors there who are sending him home for 10 days before doing surgery because of the amount of steroids the other doctors had him on. They believe they have caught the cancer in time, and although they won’t know for sure until they do surgery, they don’t believe he’ll have to go through chemo. Please continue to pray for Cory and his complete healing. There’s a Facebook “cause” page called “Healing for Cory McCool” where family and friends are posting updates. We thank God for some positive news in the midst of this horror and believe for even better things to come.

This Week in the Life of Madilyn

It’s been very warm here in Florida this week considering it’s January, but this week it’s going to “cool” down — in the 60s during the day. Madilyn wore a beautiful off-white raw silk dress to church this morning and her fun, fluffy pink vest tonight.





I walked into the office, which is just off from the dining room table, to get something. When I turned around a minute later, there’s Miss Madilyn typing away on my laptop, like she owns it! This wasn’t the first time she’s done it either. She’s so funny. I said something like, “Hey!”, to her and she jumped! I felt so bad. She was deep in thought.


Here she is in deep, contemplative thought again … with blueberry muffin smeared on her face, of course.


Earlier today I was cutting out my coupons at the table and noticed she had gotten a stack of blue Post-It Notes and had separated them and was putting them into stacks on the window sill — like my stacks of coupons! She is great at pretending and playing. She often “vacuums” her room or play area with the toy vacuum she got from Mima for Christmas.

Here’s a picture of Daddy after he got a hold of Madilyn’s markers, a gift from Uncle Gordy and Aunt Alison.


Speaking of, Jeff and I took some maternity pictures of them last night and they treated us to dinner afterward. We had a great time and there are some fabulous shots of the two (I mean three). They’ve chosen a name for the baby, so we are anxiously awaiting the arrival of Kate Finley Davis!






Big Girl Bed

Well, the crib came down yesterday. It was a sad day, mostly because Madilyn never used it! She spent the first eight months or so in our bed; now she sleeps in the pack-n-play next to our bed. We decided to take down the crib and move the changing table out because my grandmother and mother are coming to visit later this month and it will be nice to have two beds for them. I already had all the bedding that I wanted for Madilyn’s “big girl bed” so I was anxious to see it put together. I converted her crib’s bedskirt into a bedskirt for the full bed, so everything still ties in nicely with the room. I’m so happy how it turned out. Madilyn loves it too — mostly to jump and play on it. I adore these sweet pictures I captured of her today being a big girl on her new bed.