Pennsylvania Snow, Part 2

We woke up to a fresh blanket of snow on this New Year’s Eve in Clarks Summit, PA. We bundled up Madilyn in her new snow gear that Aunt Pam and Uncle John got her and Daddy took her out for a while. She absolutely loved it and did not want to come in. I’ve added all the pictures to our Picasa page. And here is a video of her in the snow. It’s adorable. Pennsylania Snow, Part 2 from cara davis on Vimeo.


Here’s Madilyn with Jeff’s Aunt Pat and Uncle Keith. We spent part of the day at their house in Duryea, Pa., where Keith is the mayor! They provided a feast of pizza, hot wings and desserts for us. Madilyn had a blast there with Uncle Keith’s train set and she didn’t even want to go to Daddy when Uncle Keith was holding her. I don’t think she’s ever been up that high before! Aunt Pat and Uncle Keith are faithful visitors to this blog and we appreciate their love for Madilyn and us.

Madilyn and Daddy watching TV. It’s been a relaxing trip, bookended by beautiful snow. We head out tomorrow afternoon to return to sunny Florida. Madilyn won’t know what to do without all her playmates!

Pennsylvania Snow!

We are in Pennsylvania visiting Grandma O’Hara and the family. Madilyn has been beside herself with excitement being with her cousins 24/7. She got her first encounter with snow this morning. It’s melting fast but we got her out in it a little while this morning. She did not want to keep her hat on and she did not want to come inside. She loved it.

Pictures are at our Picasa page, but here are a few favs.





And here’s a video of her in the snow.

Christmas Day

We spent the day with family and had a great, relaxing time. Madilyn loves spending time with her cousins. Drew got a “truck” for Christmas and took Madilyn for a ride. It was a highlight of the day. They were so adorable. And they were all business too. They were so serious! We ate some great food then exchanged presents among the kids. This year Gordy and Alison got in the mix as she’s expecting a baby in just a few weeks!

Pictures are up at Picasa, but here are a few favs.

Presents Time!

We decided to open gifts last night (Christmas Eve). Mima came over to take us out to dinner. The wait was long at Carrabba’s and Madilyn had a meltdown because she was starving, so we got our order to go and ate it at home. We had a wonderful meal and a relaxing night. After dinner Madilyn started investigating the presents by the couch (we didn’t put up a tree this year). One by one we opened them, and it was so exciting to see Madilyn react to her gifts. She still needed help opening them but she didn’t need help figuring out they were gifts for her! We were up way past her bedtime playing with her new toys. She really seemed to enjoy them. I have to tell you, Christmas hasn’t been this much fun in years. We thanked Jesus for the gifts we received and for the ones we were able to give. We are so blessed.

a few more pictures are at our picasa page.

Christmas Eve Eve at SeaWorld

We took Madilyn to SeaWorld on Christmas Eve Eve. She saw giant turtles, lots of birds, stingrays, sharks, Clydesdale horses and of course, lots and lots of dolphins. Jeff also noticed that she kept pointing to the beautiful plants and landscaping. She has such sophisticated taste for a 17-month-old.

Check out our picasa page for easier viewing.

Christmas with Nana and Mammaw and Uncle Chris

Although it was a stressful trip, we are still thankful for our time here in Tennessee. During a stretch of time she felt better, Madilyn got to celebrate a tender Tennessee Christmas — full of some great loot! Here’s a play-by-play.

Hopefully everyone on both sides of the family will be feeling great when Christmas rolls around next week. Merry Christmas! Thanks for your prayers, love and support.

Here are the photos on our picasa page.

Trip the ER

Well, little Miss Madilyn scared us enough to take her to the ER tonight. We just got back from spending 6 grueling hours there. She vomited in the waiting room all over herself and me, and Mom had to go back home to get us changes of clothes (yes, we learn from experiences like these). When we finally got seen, she was given an IV, and Mom and I had to hold her down for about 15 minutes while she panicked and kicked and cried (me too). She finally calmed down and went to sleep. Her bloodwork came back fine so we were able to go home after she finished her IV. She is sleeping now and I’m about to too! Looking forward to flying home today!

and Again …

Stomach virus took another hard punch at Madilyn yesterday … with several more bouts of sickness last night. She seems to be doing better today. But we’re sticking to water and crackers. Uncle Chris is sick now here at Mom’s house … and back home, cousin Brock is sick. We’ll be so glad when this is all past us. Prayers always welcome!