More Santa

Here are some additional pictures from our day at the mall to see Santa. Madilyn had a blast with her cousins, Aunt Pam and Mima. We were glad that Jeff was off from work so Da-da could come too!

Pre-Thanksgiving Holiday Cheer

We enjoyed a wacky, relaxing day. It started with Madilyn finding a new way to wear her shirt.


She did that all by herself. I have no idea how she did it.


Then she helped Daddy put up some Christmas lights in our entry way by pulling them up after he put them in the ground. Thanks, Madilyn!



While Daddy was finishing up, Madilyn decided to help me get ready for Thanksgiving dinner by getting out all my baking dishes. She then got in the drawer.


Then we went back outside to check out Daddy’s work. Beautiful!


We’re looking forward to Thanksgiving with family and friends tomorrow and missing our family and friends in Tennessee and Pennsylvania! This will be our first thanksgiving without my Dad around … and more holidays around the corner. What I’ll always remember about Christmas though was that was the last holiday before Dad got sick, so we have wonderful, warm memories that aren’t clouded by the sadder memories that came after. Every side of our family and in-law’s families have been touched by loss this past year and a half. The holidays will be bittersweet without those we love and miss so much. But we still give thanks.

What I’m thankful for this year: the ability to stay at home with my wonderful baby girl in our beautiful home, my wonderful husband and our family, for my health and for family far & near. Thank you Jesus for these wonderful gifts.

And if I may say so, I’m also thankful for Sun Chips, the Garden Salsa flavor, which I am partaking of right now, along with an RC cola. Delicious!

Scary Santa

It was bound to happen. Drop a toddler in the lap of a strange-looking old man then walk away and make faces. The result? Sheer terror!


Thankfully before that, in the safe arms of Brock, we got a cute (unfrightened) picture with all the cousins.


Last year, she didn’t quite know what was going on yet, so we got some great pictures.

Fall Dresses

Madilyn’s growing so fast that I’m glad she’s still able to fit into her new fall dresses. She got lots of compliments at church yesterday.


This outfit is from her Nana, and the one below is from her Uncle Carl and Aunt Maureen — who she will meet for the first time next month!



A Look Back

Here are a few photos from our wedding day (Nov. 22, 2003) and one from our honeymoon on Sanibel Island. Oh, how I wish we had bitten the digital bullet a year sooner than we did. All our photos were shot with film. I need to have them transferred from the negatives to digital. I’m sure that will cost some $$$. Anyone have any idea how much that costs?




Happy 5th Anniversary!

Happy Anniversary, Jeff. Thank you for five extraordinary years … I have wonderful memories that I treasure as we make new ones with this little wonder, our baby Madilyn. I love you both. Thank you, Jesus, for bringing us together and seeing us through our first trials. We trust and cling to you more than ever for our present and future.




“You know you’re in love when you can’t fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.” -Dr. Seuss