First Coloring Contest

Publix gave out coloring sheets for a coloring contest they’re having. Madilyn worked diligently on it at home. Here is her masterpiece:

I also have a video of her getting a Halloween card from Nana and laughing at it, but I can’t upload my videos to WordPress anymore. Not sure what I need to do differently. I might just have to go with another service, like YouTube. I have lots of videos I haven’t been able to post!

Trick or Treat!

Madilyn went Trick or Treating at Publix, where she opened a candy bar by herself and ate it before we left the store, then started on a cookie before we got to the car!

After Publix we went to Chick-Fil-A, where she had part of a milkshake. She was bouncing on the couch when we got home. Too much sugar! She had fun.

Our friend Beth loaned us a pink doggie costume, but it was too small, so we went with the original outfit from Trunk-er-Treat (except we left the face crayon in the camera bag, which was with Jeff at school, so we had no whiskers. That didn’t keep her from getting compliments though!)

Rosy Cheeks

Miss Madilyn still isn’t feeling well. She’s been battling a virus that’s caused her to have a fever off and on since Monday and has had a tummy ache. We hope it will be over soon.

15 Months

Madilyn had her 15-month checkup today, but she was sick, so it was cut short and will resume next week 🙂

She is 32″ and 25 lbs 6 oz. She’s still measuring 90th percentile. Big girl! She is entering the “explorer” phase. She’s already climbing, reaching and walking off without us. We’re going to have to learn her new tricks to keep up with her. She’s vocalizing a lot, although most of the words are intelligible. Sometimes she’ll say, “oh wow,” which is funny to hear. Da-da, Mama (Madilyn), Mom (me), Dog-Dog, hot are her most frequent. She points to the stereo if her CD isn’t playing. She loves listening to music. She will rock and dance and clap when she hears it.

She is dealing with a virus and has a fever today. Say a prayer this will pass quickly. It’s hard seeing your little one not feeling well.

Colorful Cafe Tu Tu Tango

Our good friend Kent Curry from St. Louis is in town on business, so we went with him to Café Tu Tu Tango. It’s a tapas restaurant featuring the work of local artists, some of whom are on site working on pieces. Every once in a while flamenco dancers come out for an extra dose of distraction.

We had a good visit, although it was too brief! This was Kent’s first time to meet the baby. We hope she gets to meet Nita and Caleb soon!