Madilyn had some “firsts” today. We ate breakfast at Chick-Fil-A and when she saw the cow on the balloons there, she pointed and said “cow-cow.” The worker was impressed and we got to take the balloon home with us. Madilyn reads about cows in her picture books that she loves so much. I’m planning on taking her to the zoo this Thursday with some other moms and babies from church. I think she’ll enjoy it.

Later at home today, I came out of the “powder” room and found Madilyn sitting on the wooden bench in our foyer. She had climbed up there all by herself and was sitting there as pretty as you please and proud as a peacock. She had a hard time getting back down, though.

And three different times today, she managed to take her shirt off! She tried to get her pants and diaper off too, but it got stuck and she had plumber’s butt. I restrained myself from taking a picture. Her shirt was long sleeves, so I think she didn’t like that and that’s why she kept taking it off. She’s never liked to be bundled or to have a blanket over her. She’s a Florida girl for sure.

Michael McDonald in Concert

So tonight my friend Kyle informs me there is a Michael McDonald concert as a fundraiser for the Franklin High School Band on Nov. 1 at Lipscomb. Tix are $35. First of all, how awesome is it that a high school gets to throw a fundraiser like that? Secondly, Michael McDonald is my favorite singer and I have lots of wonderful friends in Nashville so I’m entertaining the thought of splurging on a trip. Southwest has reasonable flights. Hmmm …. what to do …. what to do …

I Won!

I entered a Zappos contest a few weeks ago through on, and thanks to your votes, I won! I promised to give my winnings to someone who could use it more than me. I immediately thought of my friend who recently adopted a little boy, then lost her job. This prize won’t fix their troubles, but I hope it’s a reminder that her friends care for her and that we’re praying for her.

Making a difference …

Jeff was so excited to receive an email from a former student yesterday. Jeff had talked with him about his experiences in the Air Force. This student decided to join, and is enjoying it.

“Hey Mr. Davis whats up this is Xavier. I graduated in 07 I was a student of yours in your government and sociology class with ron and my cousin Reggie. I’m in the Air Force now I’ve been in for about a year now(I finally made my mind up). My job is aerospace propulsion(jet engine mechanic) and I work on the jet engines on the B1 Bomber and I’m currently stationed at Dyess AFB in Texas and I like my job a lot!!! I just thought hit you up since you kind of got my attention about joining the Air Force. PEACE!!!”

Jeff says he can retire now … he’s made a difference!