Madilyn & Nana

Nana and Madilyn have the best time together. Jeff noticed how much Madilyn learns and how many new things she picks up when Nana is around. He’s right. Madilyn has now learned the second verse (to “stomp your feet”) to the “If You’re Happy and You Know It” song. She’s signing “more” a lot (she loves to eat). And she loves for Nana to read her books, as you can see below.

Another one of Madilyn’s favorite things to do with Nana is to pile all her toys on top of her! Thankfully, Nana is longsuffering.

13 Months

(Madilyn is wearing a beautiful dress she got for her birthday from her Aunt Pam.)

My baby is now 13 months old. She has so many new things she’s doing it’s hard to keep up.

• When you ask her if she wants her diaper changed, she’ll shake her head “yes” or “no.” In fact, she shakes her head “no” about a lot of things. She seems to understand so much of what we say, it amazes us.

• She and the dog are total pals. She mostly hugs the dogs, then pokes her; the dog mostly lays there and takes it.

• She is still showing left-hand dominance. She even hauled a toy across two pews in church the other day. She is very social at church and goes to lots of friends for hugs. Sometimes she spots Mommy on the stage and waves at her. Mommy can’t help but beam with pride.

• She got some building blocks, like giant Leggos, for her birthday and she’s able to stack them and put them together. That amazes me. She also has a zebra horse for riding and she gets on and off of it with no problem.

• She is eating more table food than baby food now, and enjoys a sippy cup of “apple water” (half apple juice, half water) once a day. She uses a cup with a straw and it soaks her clothes.

• She is walking better and faster and getting more sure with her steps. She has some new dance moves she’s been entertaining us with too.

• She successfully sleeps through the night in her pack-n-play next to our bed. We rarely have her in our bed even for naps because she can do some damage when she’s flopping about.

• Her most dominant word is “baba” and this can mean anything from “baby,” as in herself; “baby,” as in another baby; “picture,” because she thinks anyone in a picture is a baby; “bottle”; or just anything she wants to get her hands on.

• She busts a gut laughing whenever Macey plays with something she’s given her, like a sock. Did I mention they are great pals?

On a separate note, I got a call from a reporter for PARENTS magazine today. She found me through this blog. She’s doing a piece on the costs of raising a baby, and I gave her an earful.

Little Bunny’s Bedtime

This is how Madilyn fell asleep last night and I’m not even kidding. How cute is that? Mommy and Daddy were reading their books in the bed, so we gave her a book as well. She read her book a while and fell fast asleep while holding it. Priceless.

This is Madilyn this morning, leaning against the dog under the kitchen table — one of her new favorite activities.

The Rele-Return

(L-R) Cameron, Maya, Theresa, me, Madilyn and Adam, who is moving to New Zealand

I recently returned to the Relevant offices where I used to work to record a reunion podcast in honor of one of my former coworkers’ last day. I had a blast and Madilyn did too. She was given a tour of the office while sitting in a rolly office chair, fed snacks, and given lots of love. She was wearing a shirt Maya had given her for her birthday.

To hear the podcast, you can subscribe to the Relevant podcast through iTunes, or visit their site. Check the middle of the page. My interview portion is toward the end of the podcast.

(A few Relevant podcast listeners follow this blog and I say a hearty hello to you, my friends.)

Madilyn & Sydney growing up!

Madilyn and Sydney got a chance to hang out and play at church while their mommies stayed for singing practice. We were rehearsing for a funeral for a 16-year-old boy in our church who was tragically killed in a car accident Friday morning. It was tough.

Sydney is about three months older than Madilyn and is walking and running so fast! She has also perfected the art of smiling, which you will see below. 🙂

Our friend Eleanor sneaks a hug in while she and her mom prepared the sanctuary for the funeral.

Madilyn Discovers Purses

Madilyn has never really paid much attention to purses. She doesn’t often see me with one, I guess, since we carry the diaper bag. Saturday night Alison and Gordy treated us to a fancy dinner, so Ginger came over to babysit. I came out dressed with a cute little purse (which Alison gave me) and Madilyn was transfixed. Once I put the purse down, she promptly picked it up and has played with it almost non-stop for three days now. She loves it. I got out another little purse for her (the one I wore on my wedding day … except I didn’t really wear it … who needs a purse on your wedding day?) and she plays with both of them. Here are some snapshots.

Showing daddy her new purses. I just got Madilyn the monogrammed diaper cover you see her wearing here from