Saying Goodbye to Nana

We are very sad to see Nana-Grammy go back home tonight. As I write this, Mom has Madilyn in her room playing, and Madilyn is just talking up a storm to her. She loves her Nana-Grammy-whatever-she-will-call-her. Here are some photos from the other Sunday that I just got off the camera.


How did my baby become a toddler? It happened overnight. Here she is in her new Stride Rite shoes and new clothes from her party. We took this just before taking her to see her Mima, who is back in town.

Front-facing Car Seat

Madilyn got the okay from her doc to face her car seat forward. She loves it! We took a short ride to the gas station to fill up, and had plans to go to Winter Garden Village, but our car died at the gas station! Someone jumped our battery so we were able to get home. Jeff drove straight to JC Penny’s and got the battery replaced. Crisis averted!

Here she is in her forward-facing seat and all of her mosquito bites. She’s also got a new Boyd’s Bear — a birthday gift from her great Aunt Pat and Uncle Keith!

Jazz Jams Uptown at Crane’s Roost

We had a full weekend! After the farmer’s market, we went shopping and saw our friend Dana at Dilard’s. Saturday night we went to Jazz Jams Uptown at Crane’s Roost in Altamonte. It’s a great way to spend a Saturday evening. We met Jeff’s brother Gordy and his wife Alison there (Uncle Gordy and Aunt Alison). Madilyn wanted to be freed of her stroller prison, so she got to walk around a little bit. Little did we know she was being bitten by mosquitoes! She woke up Sunday morning with 5 bites on her face and 1 on her wrist! Poor baby!

The next day, with bites on her face:


Cousins Brock, Jaycie and Drew came to visit an afternoon last week. They ate Fluffernutter sandwiches and fruit, played a tower-building competition, watched part of Terabithia (or Bridge to Terabiffia as Drew says) … They stayed busy!

Drew’s impression of Madilyn — hair and all …

More Party Pictures

more fun pics from Madilyn’s 1-year party

Cousins Brock and Drew

A cell phone! And Backyardigans headset!

Mrs. DeVore helping with the gifts

Cadence, Sydney and Jaycie

Eleanor and Madilyn

Drew and Cadence

Madilyn’s aftermath

For me?

Baby doll … oooohhh…

a cupcake celebration

“Happy Birthday, dear Madilyn …”