1 Year Portraits

Jeff and I pride ourselves on being able to take decent pictures of our baby without having to spend a lot on studio pictures. Well, truth is we can’t afford those high-priced studios! But I did want to try some studio shots for her 1 year … so we went the cheap route with Wal-Mart. Although I still like the images we capture of Madilyn at home, I am happy with how these came out. Here are a few.

By the way, the beautiful dresses are from Grammy … or Nana … or whatever she’ll be called!

How Grammy and Poppy Met

Mom’s cousin, Judy, called tonight from Indiana. I told her I knew she was the one who introduced Mom and Dad so she elaborated on how it all went down. Dad had just come out of the service (army branch) and had started coming to the church she attended because Dad’s mother went there. Judy always liked to make people feel welcome, so she would go talk to him after church. She said he always sat in the back, probably because he didn’t know anyone from being gone so long. After a while he asked Judy if she had any sisters. He was obviously looking for a woman! She said her sister was married too, but she had a beautiful cousin named Jewel who lived in Tennessee and showed him her picture. He said she was so beautiful and wanted to meet her.

I believe from what Mom has told me in the past that they began exchanging letters for a while. He drove down to Tennessee from Indiana on a Memorial Day weekend. They got engaged on their second date and were married that Thanksgiving!

New friends & a rainbow

Madilyn hung out with two special new friends today.

This is Leah … She is one of mom’s best friend’s grandbabies. She kept us company at the hospital today when my Uncle David was taken to the ER for chest pains. He’s doing fine now, but the docs are keeping him for observation and testing tomorrow.

This is Addison … She is also from mom’s church and played with Madilyn at the restaurant for lunch and after church tonight. She shared her doll with Madilyn and told us about how she got to be a flower girl in a wedding yesterday!

Beautiful girls!

This rainbow greeted me as I drove back home to mom’s house tonight. It reminded me of the double rainbow Jeff and I saw when we were in Israel with my grandfather. It’s also a reminder of God’s goodness and mercy … after the rain.

Laughter doeth good like a medicine …

Madilyn got a baby remote control this week and just loves it — especially when Grammy reacts to the noises it makes. Speaking of “Grammy” … Madilyn has called her “Nana” several times … and it’s a long “a” … like “nawna” … so, we’ll see if that sticks!

more of the same … laughing ….

Remembering Dad

Mom has kept a “Father’s Day” flag waving out front in honor of Dad.

This is a mural Dad painted in the dining area of their house of a Tuscan countryside. It’s breathtaking!

Mom and Dad have a tray ceiling in their bedroom and Dad painted clouds inside of it. This is the room he spent his last months in — often staring into the ceiling. We wondered if sometimes he thought he was really looking at clouds. Pretty neat that something he painted probably brought comfort to him in his last days.

More pictures of an earlier visit

These pictures are from mom’s camera from our visit early in June before dad passed away.

Karla, her mom and her little boy Peyton visited the same weekend. They stayed with Kandis, who lives here and is pictured with us below.

Madilyn loved playing with Peyton!

Climbing into Grammy’s lap.

The three musketeers …

You can’t pry a cell phone from her fingers!

One of the last things Dad told me was that he wanted us to have our pictures made by his roses out front. He was so proud of his flowers.

These bushes are in front of my Mammaw Lou’s house …

Mom & Madilyn