Get ‘er dun!

It’s not easy to juggle a baby, her bags, my bags and grocery bags. But we do it! Yesterday i had the bottom and sides full of grocery bags, her bag on the back, my bag on top, and the baby in the stroller seat!

10 Months

Here are some pretty pictures her Daddy took of her today as he prepared our Memorial Day cookout for his mother, Ginger, and her friend, Tommy. (Notice her little teeth showing!)

Madilyn turned 10 months on May 19. She has two teeth, loves to play patty cake and pick up baby puff crackers with her fingers. She’s also good at putting her pacifier in her mouth, and can stand and walk when she’s holding onto objects, like the couch or a table. She loves to play independently — especially when she can throw things. She’s eating three times a day and takes 4 oz. of milk 4x a day. She has begun sleeping in her own crib at night, although she is not thrilled about it. She’s wearing 12-18 mo. size clothes and has trouble wearing long dresses because it makes it hard to crawl! She says dada, moma, look (or book or duck — we can’t tell which) and has her own special baby language words that sound very articulate! (If we only knew what they meant!) Oh — and she has been on 12 plane rides!

Gotta love the pig tails!

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We did it!

We chose this weekend to break Madilyn (and us) of her sleeping in our bed. Jeff rocked her to sleep in the recliner then put her in the crib (where she immediately woke up and started wailing as if the mattress was a live wire). He left her in there but stayed in a room a while, then left the room. She cried for a solid hour while our stomachs churned. Then she stopped.

We thought she was finally asleep. It was after 1 a.m. Jeff put on socks and snuck up to her room to check on her. She was sitting in the crib with her back to the door and rocking — like a prison of war, Jeff said. And each time she fell asleep, she would shake herself to wake back up. It was pitiful!

She did this at least another hour until she fell sleep. She woke up about 6:30 a.m. and I took her out and gave her a bottle. I’m letting Jeff sleep in since he stayed up longer with her last night.

So I’m very proud of us for making it! Now that we know it’s possible, it should get easier the next few nights when we go through this again.