Busy Sunday

We had a busy Sunday. After church Sunday morning, we went to the Apopka Art & Foliage Festival to see our church’s youth worship band, Reaction, perform. Then back to church that night!

Sunday morning outfit. Check out the cute new shoes (which I barely got on her feet!)

Madilyn is loving some chocolate ice cream at the festival!

It was Sydney’s very first birthday! She had cute pigtails.

The band and the crowd.

Madilyn was zapped after a few minutes at the festival.

Sunday night … So pretty …

Tutu Madilyn

Madilyn’s friend Sydney came over tonight and we took some pictures of her in her pink tutu. She let Madilyn borrow her leopard one and we took these photos. I didn’t put her hands together — she was posing all on her own!

Ain’t Misbehavin’

Madilyn decided to pack herself in my suitcase after I emptied it from my trip. Maybe she was trying to tell me she wanted to go back to Poppy’s and Grammy’s house!

Madilyn is doing this new thing with her mouth where she opens it as wide as she can. I think Cousin Shana taught this to her … she does it all the time now! It’s cute.

Here’s a video of her doing it.

Madilyn got some lollipops in her party favor bag from Sydney’s party, so I gave her one tonight. She loved it!

9 Months

As Jeff so correctly pointed out, Madilyn has now been “out” for as long as she was “in.” She turned 9 months old on Saturday and is doing great. She is still lovable and snuggly but she loves to explore as well. Now that she’s crawling and can pull herself up, she can go from room to room and get in all kinds of messes! She loves playing with her toys and watching her Daddy build with them and then knock them down. She loves unpacking boxes and bags — especially her dirty clothes bag in her room. Mima says she looks like a garage-sale shopper digging for a deal!

Developmental updates:

• Her first tooth erupted! It’s the lower right tooth.
• She can pull herself up and stand with support.
• She’s crawling. Fast.
• She’s sleeping a little less. She normally takes two naps a day, in the morning and late afternoon. Sometimes three shorter ones.
• She’s eating stage 3 baby food (lumpy food) and doing better chewing those dissolvable crackers.
• She’s wearing size 12 clothes and size 4 shoe.
• She’s still sleeping in our bed. Help!
• She and Macey, our dog, are getting along beautifully. Macey rolls over in front of her so the baby can pet and poke her.
• Her hair continues to lighten. No one would guess she had nearly black hair when she was born!

We’ll be going to the doctor later this week for her 9-month checkup. I’ll post her “stats” then!

Previous months’ updates:

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Sydney’s Swim Party

Baby Sydney had her very first birthday party this past weekend. I was in Charlotte, so Jeff took Madilyn. It was a swim party, so he covered her in sunscreen and took her out to the pools. She wasn’t a huge fan of the water.

He also gave her tastes of a cupcake. At first she wasn’t sure what to think, she she got really excited. Sugar tastes good!!

Here are some more photos from the day.

New pics

These are kind of random, but I hadn’t posted them before now.

This is Jeff showing Madilyn the planes before we left for Tennessee.

Madilyn has found new uses for her exersaucer.

My dad arranged Madilyn’s toys on the floor just like he used to do to mine! She loved it.

Madilyn and Uncle David, or “Uncle D”


Many of you who read this blog regularly have heard about my Dad being diagnosed with cancer back in March, following an extended bout of bronchitis and pneumonia. A biopsy of an enlarged lymph node under his arm showed it was malignant melanoma, and a scan of his brain showed some nodules on both sides. I’ve held off posting about it because a treatment plan hadn’t been decided on until now. A second MRI has now shown that some of those nodules have burst and begun to bleed, so they’ve taken my Dad in immediately to start radiation. They’re undecided whether to do surgery on his lymph node or to start chemo (probably in pill form). I will post updates on his condition on this blog, and please feel free to post comments, prayers and well-wishes in the comments on the posts. My dad checks the blog regularly.

Specifics to pray for are:

• That his hearing will be preserved (he’s lost some of his hearing due to a round of antibiotics he had earlier this year. Now, the radiation threatens to take away more of it).
• That his appetite will increase (he’s lost a lot of weight due to the earlier sickness and needs to eat in order to get well.)
• That the radiation and any further treatment the doctors decide on will be successful.
• Peace of mind (for dad and our family).

We know our God is sovereign and is able to guide us through this, and even heal him instantly if He desires. Thanks for your support and prayers.