“Madeline” Saves the Day

Have you ever seen that show, Cash Cab? Well, my friend Won Kim, who used to work at Relevant, was on it recently. He’s in the back seat. He and his coworkers win the game — and you’ll never guess what the winning answer is. You have to watch and find out! I knew the answer right away 🙂

Back in the Saddle

Madilyn is feeling better. No more coughs! She is loving her baby kaoroke machine and just crawling around and playing with her toys. She often crawls after Macey. Macey has been good and lets her tug on her ears and her back. We always give her a treat for being gentle with the baby. Here are a couple of pictures from tonight.



Easter 2008

Well, little Madilyn has her first bad cold on her first Easter. She started with a runny nose and low temp Thursday. By Saturday she had a bad cough, so I took her to the doctor and kept her home Easter Sunday morning. Her coughing is the worst at night and in the morning but during the day she is doing pretty well.

Not only has she started crawling within the last week but now she’s “dancing” when she hears music. She bops up and down with a straight face. It’s so adorable.

The family went to John and Pam’s for the traditional Easter dinner and Easter egg hunt for the kids. Look out, next year Madilyn will be out there! Jeff and Uncle Gordy hid the eggs, including the prized golden egg in the Port-A-Potty on the property! Nice, guys … nice. The kids had a blast.

Madilyn took a little spill and bumped her head on the wood floor. She had a pretty big “goose egg” from it, which Aunt Pam suggested was an “Easter Egg.” Her purple bruise matched her purple dress. She cried and screamed for several minutes. Her Daddy held a cold compress to her head and her Mommy gave her a bottle. Soon she was as good as new.

Madilyn finally fell asleep after a long day without a nap. Here are some photos of her konked out.

… With Uncle John

… and the kids’ great grandfather

… with Madilyn’s great grandmother Millie

Madilyn got lots of fun Easter prizes this weekend!

This one’s from her friend, Sydney, whose Mom had her wisdom teeth out Friday and still managed to come over with this cute basket!

A cute bunny and beautiful card from Grandma Millie …

A Peter Rabbit eating set and stuffed bunny from Mima and Jeff and me …

An adorable “Taggies” dress and hair bows from Aunt Pam, Uncle John and the kids …

And a beautiful wooden Easter basket from Grammy and Poppy, who send their love from Tennessee.

Also, Madilyn’s friend Cadence’s mom Tracy gave us beautiful socks and bows just for Easter!

Oh, and here is a picture of my Easter tablescape, along with Madilyn’s first Easter basket from her Mommy and Daddy! (The cute pink horse rattle is from Grammy.) And the yellow ceramic basket and eggs were mine from when I was a baby. Mom passed it along as a keepsake.

8 Months




Madilyn turns 8 months tomorrow. Jeff and I did some Easter-themed pictures with her. Click here to see all the photos in our Flickr account.

Some updates. Madilyn is:

• crawling forward! She’s still not full speed ahead but she has made a lot of progress
• still toothless!
• adding meat baby food to her diet
• eating those disolvable cereal bites
• starting to wear size 12-18 month clothes and size 4 shoe!
• playing peek-a-boo by putting a blanket or sheet up to her face then putting it down fast. She loves this!
• pulling up on things to her knees
• walking when we hold her hands for balance.
• starting to say “Mama!”

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