7 Months


Madilyn turned 7 months on the 19th. We did a big update and lots of photos last month, so we’ll keep it on the downlow this month. Plus, I’ve taken a lot of photos of her between last month and this month. Click here to see our Flickr account.

Some updates. Madilyn is:

• crawling backward!
• crying for mommy and daddy a lot
• eating 2nd step foods (mixed fruits and vegetables)
• in her second car seat (she outgrew her carrier)

She still seems to be teething but no signs of one yet. We had our first trip to the emergency room last weekend when she fell off the bed, but she didn’t have a scratch (or bump) on her! The doctors ordered a cat scan to make sure and she was completely fine.

And I found her first fortune from a fortune cookie (that I mentioned in a previous blog): It reads: “Your heart is pure, and your mind clear, and soul devout.”

Sounds good to me!

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Old and New Friends

My friend Kat from Barberton, Ohio, came to Orlando to go on a Disney cruise. Her son, Vincent, is about 4 weeks older than Madilyn. We all had a good visit and munched on chocolate pastries from the Boardwalk Bakery at Disney. It was great to see her, although I was jealous I wasn’t going on the cruise!


Happy Birthday, Daddy!

This is Daddy’s first birthday with Baby Madilyn! He turned 41 on Saturday. We celebrated with a picnic in the park, where we took Madilyn to swing for her first time. She mostly looked straight down on the ground. It’s going to be a while before she enjoys that activity. She did enjoy swinging with Daddy and playing with her cups on the table. We had a great day.