Family Time

Jeff’s Aunt Lynn and Uncle EJ are visiting from the Baltimore area. This is their first time to see Madilyn although they have enjoyed keeping up with her on the blog. We’ve spent time at Mima’s house, Pam’s house, the mall and even Epot! Here are some photos from the past few days.

At the mall, cousin Drew tries on Uncle Gordy’s new hat he bought for his trip to Guyana. Pray for Gordy and the team of about 20 men who are traveling there this Saturday for a week to build a church for the local missionary there. Gordy is overseeing the project and did so for a similar project in Malaysia last year. My other brother-in-law John is paying for the entire project. They’re sacrificing a lot but have a generous hearts for their gifts and resources to further the Gospel.


Mima was feeding the baby and Aunt Lynn was buying her clothes. I had it made!


She has it made too. What a beauty!


Drew climbed up into the gumball machine kiosk. Photo op!


Back at Mima’s house, Aunt Lynn is enjoying time with Madilyn.


Madilyn loves interacting with Uncle EJ. She laughs and smiles and coos nonstop!


Fun times!




Grandma Millie is also enjoying the baby. Madilyn loves to sit with her. Yesterday Grandma Millie was singing to her and Madilyn joined right in.



Jeff and I watched Drew, Madilyn and Jaycie yesterday during the visitation for Don. Jaycie was such a big help with Drew! She is growing up to be such a wonderful and beautiful young lady.


Big Week

Well, Madilyn didn’t waste any time jumping to the next phase of her development. All in one week, she has begun to roll over (with ease), sit up from a flat position and pull herself up to her knees in her bassinet (time to say goodbye to that!). We can’t believe how fast she began to do all three once she did them the first time. She’s taken to eating baby food very well and seems to love peaches and sweet potatoes.

Madilyn has also learned how to hold her own bottle (when she wants to).


This week was also a sad week, as Madilyn’s Uncle John lost his father in a tragic accident. Don Michael will be sorely missed by this entire family. Brock, Jaycie and Drew have lost a loving grandfather and we have lost a friend. Please pray for the Michael family as they have spent the last six months recovering from a terrible car accident, and now suffer this earth-shattering loss.

Madilyn is 1/2!

Madilyn turned 6 months this past Saturday. Click here to view all of her 6-month photos. Here are three:




Some developmental milestones we’re noticing are:

• She uses her left hand a lot! It’s still too early to tell if she’ll be right- or left-handed.
• She’s energized by being around people (like her dad) and loves to people-watch (like her dad).
• She started eating cereal four weeks ago and yesterday started baby food fruits and vegetables. Sweet potatoes was her first food.
• She is using consonant sounds a lot more often and has the sweetest sounded baby talk.
• She has learned her first “sign” — she open and closes her fist to signal “milk” or “bottle.” Yes, she is a genius.
• She sometimes hums or sings herself to sleep, and will often sing when she hears music (like on “American Idol”).
• She loves smiles and peek-a-boo and a new game daddy’s playing with her where he “walks” with two fingers toward her.
• She’s been to her first NBA basketball game (Orlando Magic vs. Portland Trailblazers).
• She’s been on three trips (6 plane rides).
• She’s become a lot more clinging to mom and dad (especially mom lately). It thrills us, but is making bedtime a little more difficult.
• She’s very tactile. She wants to touch everything! She’s great at holding objects and even shifting them from one hand to another.
• She’s got strong legs and loves to stand on them with some support from us.

She had her 6-month doctor appointment yesterday and her immunizations. She cried a little more this time than the earlier times but she was still a tough cookie. Here are her stats:

• height: 26 1/2
• weight: 18 lbs. 4 oz.
• head circum.: 43 1/2

She’s dropped to the 75% percentile instead of the 90% in size, so that is very good.

Loveless Café and the Trip Home

We enjoyed our fattening breakfast at the Loveless Café just outside of Nashville. I loved the “L” on my waffle!


We saw Bro. Ron and Sis. Cheryl Becton at the restaurant as they were leaving. They pastor a church in Nashville and had taken some missionaries from France to the restaurant for breakfast. When I signed the guestbook, I saw their names 🙂


We followed our breakfast with a little drive down the first part of the Natchez Trace. We saw four deer!

I couldn’t believe how much luggage and baggage we had traveling with the baby. It might be hard to tell in the photo, but I had to take a picture!


Baby Madilyn looked adorable in her fuschia shrug and denim prairie skirt from our good friend Karla.


We’re in Nashville!

Jeff, Madilyn and I are in Nashville enjoying a little weekend getaway with my parents. We got to introduce Madilyn to a lot of our Nashville friends, relax and shop.

Friday, our first night in town we saw a beautiful sunset. Jeff snapped these pictures from our hotel room just as the sun was setting.



Saturday morning we had breakfast with a bunch of friends, including Savannah, who was born two days before Madilyn! She’s pictured here with her Daddy, Kyle.


Saturday night Madilyn met her “Aunt Linda” who loves her very much. Aunt Linda bought Madilyn her very first “Madeline” book and gave us a gift card to buy more!


We wanted to take Madilyn for her first swim in our hotel’s heated indoor pool, but the water wasn’t that warm and it was very cold outside, so we didn’t want to risk it once we got down there. But we did have to take a picture in her swimsuit her Grammy bought her because she looked so adorable!


Sunday we went to my home church. We had lunch afterward with our friends, Pastor DJ, Karla and their handsome boys, Preston and Peyton. Madilyn loved them!


We went shopping at Opry Mills and Jeff is relaxing in the massage chairs while he’s waiting on Mom and me to wrap up our bargain-hunting.


Madilyn saw fish for the first time in the Bass Pro Shop’s aquarium. There was a catfish in the tank that weighed more than 100 pounds!


More pictures and updates to come. Tomorrow morning we’re headed to the famous Loveless Cafe for breakfast then we’ll make our way back to the airport to fly home.