Trick or Treat!

Madilyn attended her first Trunk er Treat this year at our church. Well, actually, she was technically at Trunk er Treat last year but she was the size of the head of a pin at that point (such a miracle all of this is!) …. Anyway, instead of a traditional costume I put together a fun outfit that’s a sort of ode to my native city, Nashville. Here she’s wearing a Johnny Cash onesie (it says “Cash” and has a guitar on it), a denim skirt and rhinestone cowboy boots. She had a fun time seeing all the other costumes at Trunk er Treat too. To see a photo gallery of the night’s events, which Jeff photographed, click here.


Computer Queen

Madilyn often sits on my lap or on the bed when I’m working on the computer. To my surprise, she reached for the keyboard last night and started typing away like she knew exactly what she was doing! She is going to be a computer whiz in no time, I’m sure.


First Cold

Sweet Madilyn has a cold that seems to have started yesterday. I took her to the doctor today and she has a slight fever and congestion. This is the poor little baby sweating out a fever last night and resting. So pitiful! The doctor said somewhere along our travels, she picked up a germ from someone. Oh—and she weighs 15 pounds and 1 ounce! She’s still growing like a weed!


Madilyn’s Mug

Madilyn’s on the home page of a photography website where we had her photos made this past weekend. Several photos pop up, but I believe hers is the first. She is between pumpkins. So cute! Click here. Also, other than the home page photo, if you click on “portfolio,” then babies, there are several photos of Madilyn there as well (1,3,6,10).

Visiting Friends

Brandee, who watches Madilyn a few hours on weekdays, took her to see my friend Abranda’s baby, Sydney, at a church friend’s house (Crystal) — confused yet? — last week. Here are some pictures of their encounter that Abranda sent me. Sydney sat up for the first time! And did it so she could reach over and hold Madilyn! How sweet. Sydney is almost three months older than Madilyn. Look how quickly Madilyn is catching up to her in size.




13 Weeks

Madilyn is 13 weeks, or 3 months old, now. She loves blowing bubbles and will straighten her legs and try to bear her own weight when we stand her up. As you’ve seen on the videos, she is talking up a storm and experimenting with different tones and volume levels!