Jaycie’s Softball Game

Cousin Jaycie is playing softball this year on a team full of fifth graders! Jaycie is in second grade. This was her first game playing catcher. Brock and Drew enjoyed hanging out with Baby Madilyn. Mima and Pam enjoyed time with the baby too, but it was HOT out there. Jaycie was dripping wet after the game.







Karla’s Visit

My good friend Karla Shoulders came down this past week for a visit. She bravely left her two boys, Preston and Peyton, and husband DJ to help me with the baby a few days.

One night we ate outdoors at the Cheesecake Factory. It was a beautiful night. The waitress couldn’t tell if Madilyn was her baby or mine.


A quick pic before leaving to take her back to the airport …


More Information

Chris called back. He and a girl in another car collided. His car is probably totaled but Chris has refused to go to the hospital (probably because he doesn’t have insurance.) Pray that he recovers and that the other girl is okay.

9 Weeks

It’s been an eventful week and I’m behind on posting photos. Here are her “9 week” poses.

Here are “Nana” and “Granddad” with the baby. We have been blessed to have their help this week!

Here is Jeff doing the Diaper Genie dance.

The baby has been enjoying her Baby Einstein playpen. Developmentally, she is holding up her head better, laughing, cooing and interacting with toys for the first time. Also, she loves getting her diaper changed! As soon as she gets put on the diaper changing pad, she is all smiles and coos. She has always seemed to love it. She is such a doll and it’s been fun getting to interact with her more these days.

Home Sweet Home

I made it home about 4 p.m. yesterday and have been resting comfortably. It’s been good to be around Madilyn even if I can’t pick her up. I was able to feed her twice today though. She seems back to normal now. Jeff and others said she seemed out of sorts and fussy while I was in the hospital. They probably just say that to make me feel needed! It is good to be home, though.