6 Weeks

Our baby is now six weeks old. It feels like a milestone, but I’m not sure why. She is still sleeping very well—completely through the night and long naps during the day. She is eating great and growing strong. She loves to coo and gurgle when her Daddy talks to her and she loves to fall asleep on her Mom’s shoulder as I pat her back. Here are some photos I took of her this morning.





Fashion Show

It always seems inconvenient to take Madilyn’s picture when I have her in a new outfit and we’re going somewhere … so I subjected her to a fashion show today to show off her cute clothes. Sorry, Madilyn … I’m sure you’ve got more of this to come …

First up is a cute pink dress her “Mima” got for her. She wore this Sunday night, along with these pink satin shoes that I so adeptly put on the wrong feet Sunday night.

“Hey, what’s the big idea, Mom?”

This is what she wore Sunday morning. A smocked “bubble” from one of my mom’s good friends in Kingsport. She didn’t like the bonnet too much.

“Mommy, you’re starting to scare me.”

“Mmm … ribbons taste yummy!”

“Alright! I got my dancin’ shoes on now!”

5 Weeks

Madilyn is now five weeks old. I can’t believe it … She is smiling at us when we talk to her and sleeping well during the night. She is focusing better with her eyes and moving her head, neck and arms a lot more intentionally. Here are some photos of her Saturday night bath plus a picture of the outfit she wore last Sunday. I’m trying to decide what outfits she’ll wear at church tomorrow—there are so many!





Madilyn is one month old!


Madilyn had her 4-week checkup this morning. She is 22.5″ long and weighs 10 lbs, 8 oz. She is in the 90th percentile. She didn’t cry when she got her hepatitis shot (above is a picture of the Daffy Duck bandage the nurse gave her).

The doctor says we should feed her 4-6 oz every 4 to 6 hours now. We had been doing 4 or 5 oz every three hours. He said she will sleep longer at night if we feed her like that during the day. I told him I feel like she’s still hungry after we feed her, and he said she is looking to suck for comfort. He said to encourage her to use her hands instead of the pacifier all of the time so she can learn to comfort herself.

He said the next few weeks should be a lot more enjoyable than the first four. We can expect more social interaction with her, including more smiles and coos!

First Church Service

Madilyn went to church for the very first time yesterday—both services, too! Here are some pictures of her getting ready. Everyone was so excited to finally meet her and told us how beautiful she is. Most could not believe all the hair that she has! Pastor Williams acknowledged us from the pulpit Sunday morning and at the conclusion of the altar call Sunday night, he called us up on stage so everyone could get a good look at her! We greeted lots of friends after the service. It was very exciting for us. We were proud to show her off, of course.


“I am not a morning person, Mom!”




The hat didn’t quite work out—her head is too big. She wasn’t too happy about it either. After some protest, I decided to leave it at home. The outfit, which my mom bought for Madilyn, also had a matching blanket.

4 Weeks

Despite my last post, the baby has actually been sleeping remarkably well at night. Most nights she sleeps from about 11 to 6 a.m., give or take an hour. It’s been wonderful getting long stretches of sleep—finally!

At four weeks old, you can really tell she is really growing. We go to the doctor in the morning for her one-month check-up, so I’ll post her “stats” then. Here are some fun shots:


I’m pouty.


I’m cute!


I’m shy.


My best Kevin Spacey impersonation …

More Friends, More Fun!


Christina from church came by to visit Madilyn Wednesday. Also that night my friends Jeremy (my coworker) and his wife, Jen (who redid our home office), came to visit …



Megan and Lisa from church came and brought dinner and had a blast holding the newborn. They each have babies of their own and Megan has another on the way!


I stopped by work today to check in and Madilyn met most of my coworkers. Pictured here are Corene, Maya and Betsy. I was feeding Madilyn a bottle there while relating to them how we’re going to great lengths to make sure things around Madilyn are safe, clean and sterilized (I even brought the hand sanitizer to work) when I looked down and noticed one of my dog’s hairs on the bottle’s nipple in her mouth!! So much for that!