Friends Stopping By

Baby Cadence, who is 13 months, stopped by with her parents, Tracy and Hal, to see Madilyn and as a bonus, took a liking to our dog, Macey, as well. Macey sure enjoyed the much-needed attention.

Jimbo and Amy Garcia and their kids, Sara and Sam, live in Aurora, Colorado, but were in the state visiting their family and got the chance to stop by to see Madilyn. Jimbo is one of Jeff’s longtime friends from school in Titusville and he was a groomsman in Jeff’s wedding. We’re glad they were able to stop by. Sara couldn’t get enough of Madilyn!

Sis. Patty Snyder works at the hospital where I delivered and was able to check in with me several times. It was a great comfort to have her! She stopped by the house a few days later with a wonderful home cooked meal.


Shannon is Patty’s daughter and stopped by a few days later to see us!


Susan, Amber and Lee Barnhill came by bearing food and gifts! We had a good time visiting with them. They have been great friends of ours since Jeff and I came to live here.

Clean Sweep


Before Madilyn’s grand entrance, a friend of mine who is starting a personal organization business named Jen Kennedy, offered to come by the house and help organize any room of my choice! It was the weekend before my due date and I was feeling that nesting instinct. We tackled the “home office,” which is really a dining room we converted to be a home office after we found out we were expecting. The extra bedroom became Madilyn’s nursery.

Jen helped us plan, overhaul and organize. Her big-picture perspective helped me how to prioritize the organization process, and her ideas of arranging everything from important documents to the office furniture itself was spot-on. Our project ended up creating much more space than I ever dreamed we had. She has a natural knack for order, and it was a joy to have her in our home working with us.

If you’re in the area and would like to get in touch with her, contact Jen Kennedy at 407.529.6147 for a free consultation or with any questions.

More Visitors!

Donny Hawthorn came to help me with a computer project and as a bonus, got to hold Madilyn 🙂

Lauren Ashley Smith is one of Madilyn’s biggest fans. She came to visit with her mom, Lisa, and brother, Stewart.

Madilyn is Jaycie’s first FIRST cousin.

Mima now has two boys and two girls as grandchildren.

Uncle Gordy’s already a pro at hanging out with Madilyn.

Daddy is already trying to make Madilyn laugh …

Other guests have been the neighbors across the street, Connie and Paul, whose own daughter is expecting in January. They came bearing gifts!

Ginger brought us bags of food from Publix and the Salernos, who own a Honey Baked Ham franchise in Sanford, brought us a ham and all the sides for a lovely feast we had on Sunday. We’re still enjoying the leftovers.

Madilyn Comes Home

Madilyn arrived home safely, where we promptly tried out this beautiful swing our friend Darlene gave us. It swings and makes noises. She loves it.

Macey is introduced to Madilyn for the first time. We think she likes her.


Grandpa Baker

Room with a View

There was no wonder I was in no hurry to leave the hospital. The view from the 8th floor of Winnie Palmer was beautiful. Wonderful service, food, nurses and care 24-7. I soaked up all I could before we were discharged Saturday morning.
Jeff is really taking this sympathetic partner thing a little too far.

Winnie Palmer

Going home! I’m wheeled to the curb where Jeff will take the baby and put her in the car seat her for first ride home. Madilyn wore an outfit from Nana. It’s an Italian theme one-piece bubble and matching blanket. It has colorful illustrations of Italian monuments and objects known to the region like the vespa! She went home in style.